July 28, 2011

Underbelly Razor And Friends Mixes With Hilton Hotel Extreme Cabaret In Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi - 28th July 2011

About Extreme Cabaret...

Roll up, roll up ladies and gentlemen and be amazed and astounded by the award winning Zeta Bars new Extreme! Cabaret night. Live acts including extreme burlesque, contortionists and fire-eaters as well as drinks with a prohibition twist created by the night’s mastermind Grant Collins.

Witness the spectacular the raunchy and provocative that is Extreme! @ Zeta each & every Friday from 1 August till end of September (free event).

When you mix together some of the creme of Australian acting talent, Underbelly, A-list celebs and the Hilton Hotel's Zeta Bar with extreme cabaret themes, something big is likely to happen, and that's whats on the cards in just a few short hours.

Afterparty - not sure, but I have my own plans sorted out - how about you sly devils?

Underbelly News Scoop...

Watch out lads and lassies...Jessica Mauboy is to make her virgin debut on the TV smash hit Underbelly: Razor.

After scoring her big-screen debut in last year's Bran Nue Dae, the Northern Territory ultra talented lass has scored a cameo in the upcoming Underbelly: Razor, playing a sexy and gorgeous nightclub singer.  Shouldn't be too much of a stretch for her.

Channel 9, home of the hit Underbelly franchise continues to be secretive about the air date for Underbelly: Razor, but we feel anticipation has just gone up another bar.

Is she 100% confirmed for the Hilton Hotel Zeta bash tonight?  We don't know, but stranger things have happened.


Hilton Hotel Sydney

Zeta Bar


Channel Nine

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Fun Fearless Females To Party Hard: Award gig tonight at Rose Bay, by Eva Rinaldi - 27th July 2011

Cosmopolitan Magazine's Fun Fearless Female Awards are on tonight at Rose Bay, Sydney.

They are celebrating women from all walks of life including Asher Keddie, Jessica Marais, property developer Carly Crutchfield, Jessica Mauboy and foodie blog entrepreneur Katie Quinn Davies as some of the lucky finalists.

It's the 5th year of the awards and tonight is expected to be one of the best efforts to date, with plenty of stiff competition.

Not surprisingly a few media types have thrown their hat in the ring.  We've got Natalie G, Rachael Finch, Fifi Box representing 2DAY FM, Havana Brown - the Austero DJ, Zan Roe from Triple J, and many more danes. Even Kate Ellis, the popular and switched on MP is having a crack.

So ladies, keep having fun, be fearless and make sure you show your female side.

Well done to the Roxy Jacenko and team at Sweaty Betty PR who have worked tirelessly to ensure a great time is had by all tonight.

So, just who will take out the prestigious awards? Stay tuned to the Cosmopolitan official website and right here at Music News Australia to find out in just a few short hours.

Stan Walker Jessica Mauboy



Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Females

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July 24, 2011

Enrique Iglesias, DJ Havanna Brown And Pitbull Do Sydney, Australia, by Eva Rinaldi - 23rd July 2011

Megastar, Enrique Iglesias, along with DJ Havanna Brown And Pitbull did Acer Arena tonight in Sydney and the fans were not disappointed.

Enrique was the headline act but rapper Pitbull and "DJ" also have their fair share of supporters.

The Euphoria Tour sees Australian fans witness Enrique perform all of his biggest hits including the most recent smash hit singles from the EUPHORIA album. In Australia, the three singles released from EUPHORIA have sold in the region of 500,000 copies: “I Like It” (Triple Platinum) “Heartbeat” (Double Platinum) and “Tonight” (Double Platinum) with the latest “Dirty Dancer” just released.

Enrique and Pitbull also worked together on the remix of “I Like It” and Enrique is wrapt to have him joining the Australian tour. Enrique said “Man, working with Pitbull, it’s like he’s got everybody in the world’s mojo, his energy is so intense....”

Pitbull, most recently known in Australia for his current #3 single “Give Me Everything” and featuring on the Jennifer Lopez #1 selling single “On The Floor”, will also perform a set full of back to back hits and fans may see him join Enrique on stage to perform the hit “I Like It”.

For over a decade Enrique Iglesias’ Latin-flavoured pop has captured the hearts of music fans the world over, selling over 55 million albums in both English and Spanish.  Australia is one of his hottest markets.

Romantic minded people will be interested to learn that Enrique Iglesias was unpopular with girls when he was a teenager. The heartthrob pop star - who has been in a relationship with former tennis player Anna Kournikova for almost 10 years - didn't have much success with the opposite sex when he was growing up, but as soon as got famous lots of ladies were interested in dating him.

He said: "I was the king of heartbroken as a teenager. I was never the heartbreaker. I just couldn't get laid. Years later, lots of the girls that rejected me came back just because I was famous. It is actually kind of sad."

Enrique advised it isn't difficult to attract women when you become a celebrity, and thinks lots of girls are interested in having "fun" with a famous guy.

Enrique plays Brisbane next on the 25th to what is expected to be yet another sellout.

If you are familiar with Anrique you know how great he is, and if not, you need to get to a concert or buy the CD to see what you have been missing out on.

In a hundred years time the world will still be raving about Enrique, but he's in Australia now so what are you waiting for.


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July 21, 2011

Antonio Tarver overpowers Danny Green to claim title

Photo Eva Rinaldi

Photo Eva Rinaldi

ANTONIO Tarver may have ended Rocky's on-screen career and last night he ruined the dream of Danny Green, capturing the Australian's IBO world cruiserweight title in a stunning upset.

Trying to defend his belt for a fifth time, Green was beaten by the American veteran in a TKO at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

The Green camp had no choice but to end the fight after the Perth-born 38-year-old headed back to the wrong corner at the conclusion of the ninth round, which left the Australian wobbly after 15 unanswered blows by Tarver.

Danny Green confident of boxing victory against Antonio Tarver tonight, by Eva Rinaldi - 20th July 2011

A reved up and confident Danny Green aka "The Green Machine" is poised to take the fight to Antonio Tarver in their world title boxing match tonight, with Green's team stating the celebrated American boxer can't handle their man's raw power.

Three-division champ Green, 38, (record: 31-3, 27 KOs) is the favourite to successfully defend his IBO cruiserweight title against 4-time light heavyweight world champion Tarver, 42, (record: 28-6, 19 KOs) in their bout at the famous Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Green advised a victory this evening would be just as big for him as his victory over another American megastar, Roy Jones Jr, who Tarver has also kicked booty on.

"This fight is the most important of my career. Internationally, there is a lot of people taking notice of this fight," Green said.

The dominant light heavyweight of the last decade, Tarver thinks he can unify the cruiserweight division. But the bookies - SP's and the wagering folks don't agree. The word is that Traver's height advantage won't help him enough.
Tarver's camp have suggested Green has used illegal substances in his gloves!
Tarver's 84-year-old trainer Jimmy Williams has referred to Green's style as primitive and one-dimensional, and is looking for the champ to take the fight to him.

"We are ready for him to come out there and try and take us out in the first round. We are prepared for that, but we are going to burst his bubble," Williams said.

Tarver is thinking Green will be hyped up as he believes that will only work in his favour.

 "I want him fired up. I want him coming in there dog mad, because he can't fight me being mad," Tarver said. "He's going to have to be cool and calm under fire. His aggressiveness is going to get him knocked out, trust me."

Green's trainer Angelo Hyder said its important to keep his fighter calm. "I think the thing is to try and keep him relaxed because he really wants to knock Tarver's head off," he said.
Tarver said: "It's sexy, man. I like it," Tarver said of preparing to fight on foreign soil.

"The pressure is on him. He's got to perform in front of all his fans in his home country. All I got to do is get in there and do what I do and that's win.
"I'm bringing the speed. I'm bringing the power. I'm bringing the focus and the determination. I'm ready."

"Basically, all those punches are not going to be landing and I'm going to be counter-punching and I'm going to be setting up my combinations," Tarver said.

"And when I start catching Danny, the end is near because I don't think he's ever felt the type of short, crisp power that I have."
Tarver is a star in the last instalment of the Rocky movie franchise, but we're not so sure that will save him.

July 19, 2011

Maxim Australia launch party at Museum Of Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi - 19th July 2011

The magazine franchise is an established player in the UK, but a completely new entrant down under in Australia.

Rupert Murdoch's The Australian newspaper has reported that the magazine, due out tomorrow, has been leaked online, but one may speculate if it was a deliberate leak, to help generate headlines and buzz.

The virginal Australian issue features former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins in her underpants. Sorry guys, no boobies of hers.

Moving along to a more serious matter, mag publisher Michael Downs told The Oz in relation to the web leak..."dismayed, but in the modern era, what can you do? People are saying: you should sue! But look at companies like Paramount, with very many more resources than we’ll ever have, and they can’t even stop it?"

Australian radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands has a feature in the magazine and was seen partying hard and fast at the museum. Some party goers suggested that he had enjoyed more than just a couple of drinks, such was the twinkle in his eye.

Kings Cross nightlife entrepreneur, John Ibrahim was also quite the life of the party also, with drinks flowing at a healthy pace, and it looked like he may have got a head start early into the evening.

The models were very pretty and worked the cameras, all in an effort to raise their stakes and profiles in the highly competitive modelling industry.

Maxim Australia is aiming to fill the void by the sinking of Alpha and Ralph.

Enjoy the first legal edition of Maxim Australia coming out tomorrow.  Yeah, we figured you would buy it for the articles too - not.

Kyle Sandilands & Melissa Kelly

Kyle Sandilands & John Ibrahim

Harry Potter The Exhibition: Wizard Weaves Magic At Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi - 19th July 2011

Today Sydney welcomed a new Harry Potter exhibition in that has but both Potter fans and news media into a frenzy.

A school group of 120 wizards er students, dressed up in Potter garb Hogwarts with robes, wands and all manner of magical accessories, were invited to a sneak preview of the upcoming Harry Potter – The Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum at 11am this morning.

The expo, not due to open till November, will feature props, costumes and set replicas from the film franchise.

It's strongly rumoured that two of Cate Blanchett's children, Dashiell John and Roman Robert were done up as Wizards, skipping class (so to speak) from a Hunter's Hill educational facility.

The red hot event was opened by Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner.  Most had some to see Matthew Lewis, the ultra talented 22 year-old actor who played Neville Longbottom in the flicks.

The expo has journeyed down under from New York, and is positioned to fill a need for fans of  Harry Potter and the Dealthly Hallows: Part 2.

The exhibition opens at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum on November 19 and runs to March 18, 2012.

The Powerhouse Museum maintains it's magic touch, and so might you if you're brave enough to attend.

July 14, 2011

Lady Gaga fans turn out in thousands without tickets despite NSW police warning; Some fans bruised egos et al, by Eva Rinaldi

Police warned Gaga fans without tickets to give it a miss and stay at home, but the monsters turned up in their 1000,s, mobbing outside Town Hall, and later following the Gaga contingent to their so called "secret bunker"... the Four Seasons Hotel.

The police had firm words of warning for the fans prior to the concert so no one can say they weren't warned "If you don't have a ticket, stay at home," said Superintendent Mark Walton, the policecommander of the city's central district. "Don't waste your time coming to town and stand out in the cold to look at a sandstone wall."

"Parents are urged to not allow their children to attend the city if they don't have a ticket," he said in a statement Tuesday.
True to his words there were no public appearances before or after the concert, and it was not be broadcast on live screens outside the venue.  Just few select A-list friends and a very small amount of news media folks got close to the Gaga.

Fans queued for up to 7 hours to see the singer perform three songs from her latest album — "Born This Way," ''The Edge of Glory" and "Judas" — at both venues.

Were their any shocks or surprises at the Monster Town Hall concert? Sort of. Lady Gaga performed at least one number in a wheelchair. An observer of Gaga's attire on the evening suggested it may have been both "Black Window" and bondage inspired. Out of the 5 or so costumes most felt the gold fashion number she wore while performing 'Born This Way' was the most attractive and eye grabbing.

The pop sensation drew in excess of  1,000 fans to Oxford Street in downtown Sydney when she gave unscheduled performances at two gay clubs, Nevermind and ARQ, on Monday night. She let her fans know about her impromptu plans via Twitter, where she has 11.5 million followers. Some of the photos from the ARQ event, as well as from the Monster Town Hall are for all to see on Flickr...look up Lady Gaga and Eva Rinaldi Photography.  Many of the best shots are appearing in national and international newspapers and their respective websites.
Police had feared that teenagers would once again come back to the city with false hopes and be left to wander, possibly getting into trouble.  Some fans were seen running amok outside the Four Seasons Hotel, and a number of police were seen exercising some force that one may argue as to if it was justified or not.  There's speculation that some police were photographed laying down the law to the obsessed fans outside Lady's Gaga's hotel of choice in Sydney.

The pop idol has used her music to push for gay and lesbian rights, but mistakenly thought that Prime Minster Julia Gillard was gay, having to re tape an interview re gay and lesbian rights, to try to ensure the PM or her minders didn't get their feathers ruffled.

Lady Gaga continues to be the hottest celebrity on the planet for now, and Australian police continue to have concerns as to exactly how to deal with some out of control, star struck fans when the pop and rock starts journey down under.


Lady Gaga

Sydney Town Hall

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography 

July 13, 2011

Lady Gaga Does Sydney Monster Hall, by Eva Rinaldi - 13th July 201

The highly anticipated and must hyped 'Sydney Monster Hall' show, courtesy of Lady Gaga, has got on the way, and needless to say... everyone is just "Gaga" about it.

The 25 year old pop sex symbol et al did three new virginal costumes designed by the pride of Italy - Versace for the 1-hour Gaga Live event.

The set was specially made up to complement the already splendid Sydney Town Hall.

Security aka gorillas have been guarding the iconic building and keeping everything under wraps.

A leak to press earlier in the day went something like..."I am really excited. I've had all sorts of beautiful clothing made for the performance, special costumes just for that show".

"I built a stage just for this one performance. This is an absolute one-off. I did it all for my Australian fans. I'm not going to tell you the surprises. They would be so mad at you if I told you."

About 800 "Little Monsters" as the Gaga one calls them, snatched a lucky concert ticket.  It's understood about 25,000 entries were received. Somehow another 200 VIPs made an "in-demand A-list".  It's all about the 'Born This Way' album, making money (and creativity).

Hundreds of other Gaga fans and a select few news media were fortunate enough to get in to the Nevermind and Arq nightclubs last Monday evening. Eva Rinaldi Photography, the well known photography and music news entity, has posted a few of their photos live on their Flickr account.

It's widely believed that tonight's concert will be broadcast on Go!, Take40.com, Channel V and the Today network come July 29.

So, how did you enjoy the show little monsters. Let us know - we're happy to be you've outlet for Gaga experiences.


Lady Gaga

Sydney Town Hall

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Eva Rinaldi Photography 

July 12, 2011

Peter Carrette Ten questions Caroline Overington From: The Australian July 11, 2011

Stuart Hannagan is vice-president, Australasia, and director of photography Asia-Pacific, of Getty Images, which last week purchased the pictorial archive of the late Peter Carrette and entered into an agreement to digitise and manage the century-old Fairfax Media archive
What was your first job in media?
Photographic cadet at the Adelaide Advertiser. From there I moved to the Sun News-Pictorial and the Herald, in Melbourne. A couple of years later, I joined The Age as sports photographer and later picture editor.
What does your current job involve?
To grow our business across all platforms (stills, video and music) and to ensure we are client and sales focused. My other day-to-day role (director of photography, Asia-Pacific) is looking after all editorial coverage throughout the region. We have a photography unit of over 25 staff (and growing), and work with hundreds of freelancers serving customers in over 100 countries.
Your company last week announced the purchase of the Peter Carrette archive. What is it, why did you buy it and how much did you pay?
The Peter Carrette archive is simply the best celebrity archive in Australia. Like all collections that are over 30 years old, it is filed away in boxes in print, negative and transparency form.
There are also over 200,000 digital files on hard drives. Bringing the archive to life involves working through all the old prints and negatives and digitising the collection. We don't elaborate on what we pay.
Also last week, you announced a deal to manage the Fairfax archive. There must be many images that you regard as treasures in there, but could you single some out?
The Fairfax collection extends back to the early days of newspaper photography, so it's a challenge to single out just a few. There's the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge back in 1932 and the Queen doing the honours at the Opera House in 1973. Images documenting the end of WW II, the Dismissal in 1975 and the 1988 Bicentennial are also standouts. And every great sporting moment is captured, from Phar Lap to Sir Donald Bradman.
When The Age sold its Spencer Street headquarters it was reported that Fairfax had abandoned the archive and that it had gone to ruin. Has that proved true?
I'm not sure this is the case, as the material we have seen is first class and very in-depth. Like many of these old archives, there does come a time when they need to be upgraded and loved more deeply and I believe that is what Fairfax are now doing as part of this process.
Do you personally miss being at the business end of a camera? And who do you regard as Australia's best photographers?
I do sometimes, although I get as much joy now out of seeing new talent come through as I did out of viewing my own work. Australia has so many great photographers, it's difficult to single any out, but here goes: Brett Costello, Gregg Porteous, Phil Hillyard, Steve Christo, Michael Dodge, Colleen Petch, Vince Caligiuri, Jason South, Cameron Spencer, Quinn Rooney -- too many to list.
And finally, do you miss the old Age darkroom? The wild tales of what went on in there, back in the days of chemical prints . . . Are they true?
Caroline, you were there, you should know! Yes I do miss the days in the darkrooms both at Fairfax and News Ltd. There were some amazing characters around in those days and it was a great place to learn your trade. And yes, I can recall some outrageous stories from the darkroom days.