July 14, 2011

Lady Gaga fans turn out in thousands without tickets despite NSW police warning; Some fans bruised egos et al, by Eva Rinaldi

Police warned Gaga fans without tickets to give it a miss and stay at home, but the monsters turned up in their 1000,s, mobbing outside Town Hall, and later following the Gaga contingent to their so called "secret bunker"... the Four Seasons Hotel.

The police had firm words of warning for the fans prior to the concert so no one can say they weren't warned "If you don't have a ticket, stay at home," said Superintendent Mark Walton, the policecommander of the city's central district. "Don't waste your time coming to town and stand out in the cold to look at a sandstone wall."

"Parents are urged to not allow their children to attend the city if they don't have a ticket," he said in a statement Tuesday.
True to his words there were no public appearances before or after the concert, and it was not be broadcast on live screens outside the venue.  Just few select A-list friends and a very small amount of news media folks got close to the Gaga.

Fans queued for up to 7 hours to see the singer perform three songs from her latest album — "Born This Way," ''The Edge of Glory" and "Judas" — at both venues.

Were their any shocks or surprises at the Monster Town Hall concert? Sort of. Lady Gaga performed at least one number in a wheelchair. An observer of Gaga's attire on the evening suggested it may have been both "Black Window" and bondage inspired. Out of the 5 or so costumes most felt the gold fashion number she wore while performing 'Born This Way' was the most attractive and eye grabbing.

The pop sensation drew in excess of  1,000 fans to Oxford Street in downtown Sydney when she gave unscheduled performances at two gay clubs, Nevermind and ARQ, on Monday night. She let her fans know about her impromptu plans via Twitter, where she has 11.5 million followers. Some of the photos from the ARQ event, as well as from the Monster Town Hall are for all to see on Flickr...look up Lady Gaga and Eva Rinaldi Photography.  Many of the best shots are appearing in national and international newspapers and their respective websites.
Police had feared that teenagers would once again come back to the city with false hopes and be left to wander, possibly getting into trouble.  Some fans were seen running amok outside the Four Seasons Hotel, and a number of police were seen exercising some force that one may argue as to if it was justified or not.  There's speculation that some police were photographed laying down the law to the obsessed fans outside Lady's Gaga's hotel of choice in Sydney.

The pop idol has used her music to push for gay and lesbian rights, but mistakenly thought that Prime Minster Julia Gillard was gay, having to re tape an interview re gay and lesbian rights, to try to ensure the PM or her minders didn't get their feathers ruffled.

Lady Gaga continues to be the hottest celebrity on the planet for now, and Australian police continue to have concerns as to exactly how to deal with some out of control, star struck fans when the pop and rock starts journey down under.


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