July 13, 2011

Lady Gaga Does Sydney Monster Hall, by Eva Rinaldi - 13th July 201

The highly anticipated and must hyped 'Sydney Monster Hall' show, courtesy of Lady Gaga, has got on the way, and needless to say... everyone is just "Gaga" about it.

The 25 year old pop sex symbol et al did three new virginal costumes designed by the pride of Italy - Versace for the 1-hour Gaga Live event.

The set was specially made up to complement the already splendid Sydney Town Hall.

Security aka gorillas have been guarding the iconic building and keeping everything under wraps.

A leak to press earlier in the day went something like..."I am really excited. I've had all sorts of beautiful clothing made for the performance, special costumes just for that show".

"I built a stage just for this one performance. This is an absolute one-off. I did it all for my Australian fans. I'm not going to tell you the surprises. They would be so mad at you if I told you."

About 800 "Little Monsters" as the Gaga one calls them, snatched a lucky concert ticket.  It's understood about 25,000 entries were received. Somehow another 200 VIPs made an "in-demand A-list".  It's all about the 'Born This Way' album, making money (and creativity).

Hundreds of other Gaga fans and a select few news media were fortunate enough to get in to the Nevermind and Arq nightclubs last Monday evening. Eva Rinaldi Photography, the well known photography and music news entity, has posted a few of their photos live on their Flickr account.

It's widely believed that tonight's concert will be broadcast on Go!, Take40.com, Channel V and the Today network come July 29.

So, how did you enjoy the show little monsters. Let us know - we're happy to be you've outlet for Gaga experiences.


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Sydney Town Hall

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