January 7, 2011

Trash The Dress, A new trend is emerging in wedding photography and wedding videos, with more and more happy couples trashing their bridal dresses on camera. by Eva Rinaldi

A beautiful flowing white dress steps delicately into the moonlight. The photographer carefully adjusts her camera focus and begins to snap away at the beautiful bride and scenic landscape.

There are so many portraits that are a worlds away from the conventional wedding photographs that have been turned out for newly-weds for decades.
There are some shoots that are a part of a new trend in wedding photography called “Trash the Dress” photography.

These shoots are stylistic and creative, fun, and exotic art photography normally used in Victorian-era mansions, lakes, country ranches and forests or even amusement parks.

The photography sessions traditionally take place a few days after the wedding and in some cases women who have been married for years are dusting off their wedding dresses and giving it a go instead of keeping their dresses packed away in their closets for years to come.

In this specific area photographers need to provide a wonderful range of photographs, most photographers these days are asked to push forward their creative boundaries.

Unlike traditional weddings where the photographer needed to work in strict time-frames and organise a large number of families into the same pleasing positions, the “trash the dress” shoots, photographers are more fun and memorable.

A lot more creative freedom and the results are more like what you see in Vogue magazines than they are like the usual wedding photographs hidden away in their dusty albums.

It is today's society the world of stylish fashion, art photography that has generated such interest in the young and old at heart in the newly-wed era.

The “trash the dress” shoot originated in the US and it is quickly gaining interest in Australia. Many photographers advertise it alongside traditional forms of wedding photography and those that don’t, usually jump at the opportunity to do something a little bit different.

The feedback from photographers is really positive these days; we sometimes hear that the wedding photographer needed to flex their creative skills and this gives them a great opportunity to do something unique.

If you decide to go for a edgy new form of creative photography, there are several important things to focus on when your talking to a photographer about what kind of photoshoot you want.

Firstly, you must figure out just how trashed you want your dress to be. This can range from getting it a little dirty, wet,  have paint spilled on it or even sending it up in flames.

Many women are so protective of their wedding dresses and photographers are usually sensitive to this. It’s  important to give your photographer a great idea of your personality as this will  determin the character of the shoot that suits you, have a look at magazines with you to get a few ideas of what you like and give the photographer as much info about the look your after.

In some situations newly-weds choose to use the same photographer for their “trash the dress” shoot as they did for their traditional wedding photographs or wedding videos and at other times they decide to go with a separate photographer.

most of all remember to have fun and I am sure you and your partner will remember the photoshoot for years to come.

painted Trash Dress

                                 muddy trash dress

                    wet trash dress

 fire trash dress

Lake Trash Dress