April 30, 2011

Katy Perry does Myer Melbourne; Purr fect warm up for Logies, by Eva Rinaldi - 30th April 2011

We're in Melbourne early for the TV Week Logies, and so is Katy Perry, who wowed, teased and entertained thousand of fans at Myer in the Melbourne CBD today.

Not to anyone's surprise there was no sign of husband Russell Brand, but that didn't stop the media or crowd asking, as they are quite the power couple these days.

The 26-year-old performing artist looked sensational and was very accommodating with both fans and media.

We learnt that she just loves Australians easy-going attitude, our weather (thank you Melbourne for the miracle sun and no rain today), Tim Tams, and eskies.

"I love being around all kinds of characters in Australia," Perry told the crowd of thousands, when they finally settled down from a massive 'We want Katy' chant, which must have gone on for at least fifteen minutes.

Some of the crowd rushed to Myer retail departments to snap up both Perry CD's and Purr perfume (which gives an "added bonus" to your man, Katy was quick to point out to us.

The queen of 'Teenage Dream', and soon teenage retail, is struggling with her Aussie lingo, but we give her top marks for effect, attitude and generosity of heart and spirit with her multitudes on fans hanging on every word and move. She got her cosses mixed up with eskies, but that's ok. Katy looked like she might do well to get a bit of sun, so someone needs to tell her where Bondi Beach is.

Perry had the crowd screaming and clamouring for photos and autographs, and as usual, security had a tough job, with most of them doing their job well.

Bourke Street mall came to a standstill, as 1000 or so fans stood behind steel barricades just hoping to catch a glimpse. Four Katy Perry look-a-likes kept the crowd entertained and and teased the press with purr fect poses with the perfume of the hour. Oh, the trams kept running, but slowed considerable, as passengers soon realised what all the fuss was about.

Perry commenced her first Australian tour in two years with shows in Melbourne on Thursday and Friday nights and is the big-name international act for tomorrow's Logie awards at James Packer's Crown Casino.
Her appearance today was actually to flog her new fragrance, Purr, and we estimated at least 500 units were sold. Even a couple of Aussie teen lads bought the Purr, which helped them get a photo, as you might have guessed.

We loved that she answered a journo's probing question about receiving plenty of male attention.

"I'm a big believer in sharing so I like to share myself. I feel like I'm in a relationship with all of you plus my husband. I feel like the people that support me and my music and who come to see my shows are choice people; they have good taste, they're smart, they're funny, they like to have a great time, they like to laugh. And also they're very respectful ... if anyone gets too close I karate chop them."

An unidentified reporter asked Katy if she could ask Russell if she could take him home or something to that effect. She laughed it off and then added he might be able to stay in the granny flat room for a bit. Security and minders swiftly snatched away the mic off the shortish mystery media guy.

It was quite a wait for the American sensation and but all agreed the reward was worth it. Perry said "You guys were making so much noise when I was trying to use the restroom".

What a Purr Fect day in Melbourne today if you made it, and we can't wait for the main course tomorrow at the Logies and follow up shows as her Aussie tour continues.

We loved you Katy, and so did our cameras. We can't wait to show the world our great photos and videos of you. The visuals are purr fect said a Music News Australia spokesperson.

Katy Perry & Eva Rinaldi


Katy Perry official website


Eva Rinaldi Photography

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April 28, 2011

Katy Perry to Launch Purr Fragrance at Myer Melbourne on April 30


Katy Perry to Launch Purr Fragrance at Myer Melbourne on April 30

What: Katy Perry’s exclusive Australian launch of Purr by Katy Perry

When: Saturday April 30th 2011

Arrival:                 12:50 pm
Bourke St Mall, outside Myer entrance

In Store:               1:25 pm, VIP in store appearance
Mural Hall, Level 7, Myer Melbourne


Photo/Video Opportunities:

·         Katy Perry to arrive publicly on Bourke St mall surrounded by fans
·         Arrival details are strictly confidential at this point, however there will be a fun photo opportunity featuring Katy Perry lookalikes

In Store

Press Conference
·         Katy will take questions from the press pit

Photo/Video Opportunities:
·         500 fans inside Mural Hall for VIP in store appearance
·         Katy Perry to appear on stage posing with fragrance, fans and Katy lookalikes
·         Katy Perry being interviewed by MC

April 27, 2011

ZZ Top, Rose Tattoo And The Poor Do Enmore Theatre, by Eva Rinaldi - 27th April 2011

Who is top in Sydney at the moment? Yeah, you guessed it - ZZ Top.

Rose Tattoo and The Poor are pretty darn hot too, and they all played their hearts out at Enmore Theatre earlier tonight.

ZZ Top are a legendary Texan music trio who have been rocking and rolling for more than 4 decades. Inducted by The Stones' Keith Richards into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ back in 2004, they just keep rocking and still look unstoppable, and not too bad for their age.

The band was was happy to be quoted by the press: "We’re the same three guys, bashing out the same three chords. The band’s mantra remains the same: ‘Tone. Taste. Tenacity" said Billy F Gibbons, ZZ's guitarist.

ZZ Top has performed live in front of millions of fans around the globe. Their image - cars, bikes, beards, girls, keychain and all that, is known around the world and seems almost as big as their music. Make no mistake, these guys are rock gods.

Legs would be their most famous hit, probably followed by Gimme All Your Lovin’ and Sharp Dressed Man. Tonight I got to hear Future and Rock Me for the first time, and they definitely rate and were pretty well received by the jam packed audience.

ZZ Top impressed the heck out of me and I would seriously recommend you check them out too if you have the chance.

Ok, the others.... Rose Tattoo, headed up by Sydney's angriest man (just kidding Andy), Angry Anderson. Anderson leaped onto the stage early in the peace, and from the get go you could tell he and the boyz were ready to part-eee.

The Poor, rich on talent, didn't disappoint, and were worthy of also being a support to the other legendary bands.

Australia, if the show in Sydney was any indication of what these 3 bad boy rock bands are going to keep running with on their down under tour, you'll just have to attend in person to truly appreciate just how good they are.

Promoter, Andrew McManus, well done on putting it all together. You did yourself proud.

ZZ Top, Rose Tattoo And The Poor - A world class rock n roller trifecta if there ever was.


ZZ Top

Rose Tattoo

The Poor

Enmore Theatre

Andrew McManus Presents

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Eva Rinaldi Flickr


Andrew McManus Presents is proud to announce that after 10 years, blues-rock legends ZZ Top are finally coming back to Australia!

ZZ Top’s image has been as unchanging and memorable as their music. The legendary Texan trio has been together for more than 40 years and were inducted by Keith Richards into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ in 2004.

‘We’re the same three guys, bashing out the same three chords. The band’s mantra remains the same: “Tone. Taste. Tenacity’ said Billy Gibbons, guitarist extraordinaire.

ZZ Top are a solid touring unit and have performed before millions of fans around the world. Their iconography ��" beards, cars, girls and that magic keychain seems to transcend all bounds of geography and language. They’ve been referenced in countless cartoons and sitcoms and are true rock icons.

ZZ Top are genuine roots musicians. Billy Gibbons is one of America’s finest blues guitarists while Dusty Hill on bass and Frank Beard on drums (ironically the only member without a beard) provide the ultimate rhythm section support.

Most famous for their hits Legs, Gimme All Your Lovin’ and Sharp Dressed Man, ZZ Top are sure to thrill their Australian fans with their sturdy American blues and rock style.

ZZ Top last toured Australia in 2000 and have sold more than 20 million records worldwide and achieved incredible chart success. Their 1983 album Eliminator was a multi-platinum smash in Australia and is ‘one of the greatest albums of the ‘80s’ according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Rose Tattoo and The Poor will also be appearing with ZZ Top.

April 25, 2011

Kat Ferguson performing artist live at The Wall, by Eva Rinaldi - 24th April 2011

It had been almost year since I had the pleasure of hearing my friend Kat perform her musical genius, in the grounds of the Sydney Opera House no less, so when I found out Kat was going to do her thing close to where I'm based at the very moment in downtown Leichhardt, I jumped at the chance.

Leichhardt's Bald Faced Stag Hotel, a beautifully revamped traditional hotel, had never looked or sounded so good.

I'm pleased to report that Kat's performance has further improved, as impressive as she was way back then.  That's not the only positive change. Kat has two new members to her band. There's Dinesh Ekanayake (base guitar), Tyran Rotondo (drums / percussion) and Chaminda Samaraweera (drums).

Kat's special guests who performed on stage included Jessie May and Cordelia Rotonda.

The evening's support acts were Dan and Noel Trio, Untapped and Angelena Locke.

The songs that most took my liking tonight were Delirious, You Were The One, All He Needs and Boulder.

Without question All He Needs is the most emotive song where one can tell instantly that there's deep meaning and a powerful story behind it. This song is the first song I ever heard Kat perform, and it tells the story of a brave little boy, Jesse, who lost his courageous battle with cancer. Jesse's wish was that other's would be able to survive cancer, and Kat has been spreading the word across Australia for the past few years.

To me Kat sounds rather like Chrissy Amphlett and Sheryl Crow.

She counts her musical influences being Amanda Marshall and the Baby Animals.

I loved the way the night closed off with Kat handing the stage to 3 year-old Cordelia Rotonda who belted out What The Hell with power and finis far exceeding her young age. Cordelia, if you and your parents are reading this, stick with it girl - it appears you have a very bright future ahead of you, and keep learning and having fun with Kat and the band. And Tyran, the super talented 10-year old drummer - you are amazing. No wonder with mentors such as Chaminda sharing his knowledge. It seemed like I was watching a young Peter Criss (from KISS fame) at times, and that is a huge compliment.

As individuals they are all wonderfully talented, and as a unit, they appear destined for greatness and success on all levels, should they be able to maintain the current standard, and just keep moving forward with it.

If you've heard Kat before you know just how great she is, and if you haven't and appreciate great music with heart, passion and meaning, you need to get along to one of her upcoming appearances.


Kat Ferguson official website

Bald Faced Stag Hotel

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Eva Rinandi Photography Flickr

April 21, 2011

Cleo Bachelor of the Year: And the winner is Eamon Sullivan, by Eva Rinaldi - 20th April 2011

The wait is over for the highly anticipated Cleo Bachelor Of The Year. The man of the hour, who is too sweet to be sour is 25 year old Aussie Olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan.

One gets the feeling 'Our Eamon' is going to be working hard, and playing much harder, such is the pace for Australia's most eligible bachelor.

A Cleo insider said "Eamon's mobile and email went crazy soon after the announcement. He's got hot dates for months in advance, if he wants them".

The black-tie dinner was held at Justin Hemmes' The Ivy in 'Sin City' Sydney. The ballroom had never looked or smelt better.

The delightful Cleo editor Gemma Crisp advised picking the winner a hard decision, but Eamon was a deserving winner.

"Eamon is the perfect Cleo Bachelor – he’s charismatic, he’s ambitious, he’s intelligent, he’s amazing in the kitchen, and he’s also the proud dad of his adorable French bulldog, Baxter. What girl doesn’t melt at the sight of a hot guy with a cute dog?

"The fact that he’s ripped and has a couple of Olympic medals lying around at home doesn’t hurt either!" said the queen on the ultra popular magazine.

Eamon was a massive online hit with the voting public, even besting other favs such as Anthony “Harries” Carroll from Bondi Rescue fame and talented Neighbours actor Scott McGregor.

Sullivan is tipped for a start and top performance in the 2012 London Olympics. He snatched the top prize - a groovy custom painted Nissan Micra worth a cool $15,990.

Home And Away actor Dan Ewing grabbed runner-up, and it seems the 300 plus crowd poped more for Ewing more than for Sullivan. The hunk-o-man also walked away with a holiday for two at The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa in Fiji, including return airfares. The prize is valued at $5,600, and we hear lot of ladies have already let 'Our Dan' know they love Fiji (and him).

Popular Triple J radio announcer Paul Verhoeven came third, scooping a $1,000 wardrobe thanks to Lee. Paul has a great sense of humour, and to die for looks.

The Cleo music video promos were great, as was the feed and drinks, and a big thank you to Jackie from catering and Roxy and all the great girls at Sweaty Betty PR.

Cleo, Ivy and everyone involved in organising tonight did a top job.

Cleo magazine sales are expected to skyrocked in May, and the mobile phones of all the bachelors are predicted to be ringing off the hook for many months before the heat dies down.

Be sure to check out our great photos and video footage of the evening. If you didn't make it, fear not, there's plenty of eye candy for sexy boys and girls right here, with host Sophie Monk doing a fine job on the mic, leaping out of her regular comfort zone.

See you back there again guys (and girls)...all 50 of you - do your best to make the most of your Cleo bragging rights, you earned it.



Cleo Magazine


Eva Rinaldi Photography

Eva Rinandi Photography Flickr

April 18, 2011

Grace Jones, Marcia Hines and Elvis Costello at Sydney Airport today; Citizen paps paradise, by Eva Rinaldi - 18th April 2011

     Marcia Hines and Eva Rinaldi

Elvis Costello and Eva Rinaldi


It was all happening at Sydney Domestic Airport for citizen paparazzi, autograph hunters and the few photographers that bothered to turn up on luke warm rumours.

Such is the day in the life of a photographer not content to be office bound or restricted by in-house rules via a Fairfax Media or News Limited.

Approaching high noon I got a call from a leading Australian entertainment website publisher... let's call him 'Mr Paparazzi', and no, he's not the one who hassled 'Our Nicole' or the one known for harassing other photographers at movie and music events in Sydney. He's a bright young man with a heart of gold, and whose information and word can be trusted.

As a team we all decided to load up the gear and hit the airport.

First cab off the rank was jazz legend Elvis Constello, who looked great in his brown leather jacket and dark sunglasses. He kept it brief but pleasant, and you could feel his warmness.

Next up was Marcia Hines from Australian Idol fame who went for what I think could be described as dressed down smart casual, but we recognised her none the less, even if many of her fellow passengers didn't. I loved her denim jacket, white and blue casual top and long pants. She also carried a cute blue and white polka dot bag, and the mind might boggles as to what may have been concealed in there, but I dared not ask. She's one smart, sexy and talented lady. Marcia kindly stopped for some autographs and happy snaps, and she was absolutely delightful.

And, lucky third was Grace Jones. Marcia minutes ago had confirmed Grace would be arriving, and even joked with us "Be careful not to miss out on Grace Jones".  She was wearing a light blue jumper, blue pants, red and white cap and dark sunglasses. Ms Jones was the most popular celeb with most of the fans, but a couple went overboard and there was a minor incident with a lady screaming with a baby "no photographers with my baby". A few insiders were wondering what the baby was doing in that sort of environment given that big name celebs were at the airport. When things settled down a bit Ms Jones reached for her cigarettes, and given the "excitement" from some of the fans, she possibly had never enjoyed a ciggi so much in her life.

I'm really looking forward to covering these fantastic musical and cultural icons in a more traditional capacity (such as their official concerts) and organised media events.

A public thank you to all three artists and also Sydney Airport for putting up with us, plus my trusty media support team.

Today showed that with decent work ethic, a sense of self belief and teamwork, some outstanding results can be achieved in showbiz, and in this case, photography.

Stay turned to this dial for more inside news, goss and tips from the folks at our firm. Don't blink, or you might just miss it.

April 17, 2011

Thor mania smashes into Sydney premier, by Eva Rinaldi - 17th April 2011

Chris Hemsworth

Tom Hiddleston

Jamie Alexander

Chris Hemsworth Autograph

Thor mania, a big part of the Marvel Universe, smashed its way into the George St, Sydney Event Cinema tonight in front of hundreds of Marvel-Maniac fans and dozens of just as maniacal Australian photographers and paps.

Aussiewood - Hollywood leading man, Aussie born and bred hunk-0-mania Chris Hemsworth is ready to rock, roll, and get all caught up in Stan Lee's Marvel Universe, with Thor, which premiered in Sydney just minutes ago.

Thor is a killer movie, the type of blockbuster you have grown to love (or hate) based on the Marvel Comics character, who thanks to the flick push is starting to return to his former fame.

Hemsworth's mug is everywhere....billboards, soon TV, videogames, lunch boxes and god knows where else. The Aussie lad is understood to be in for a bush tucker bag of pay days, thanks to the revamped remuneration structure for Marvel Comics themed motion pictures.

Hemsworth was prepared to go on record with News Limited and wires with "It's been a slow burn for a year-and-a-half, gathering awareness, but now it's starting to really blow up with billboards and posters and more and more people seeing the trailer. It's nuts and it's exciting. I feel like a little kid, able to play a superhero, and that it's being received so well is exciting. It's incredibly surreal."

When Human Media asked him about the most enjoyable part of doing the film he said "Oh god, just all of it. It was all so awesome."

Movie insiders leaked that a Thor sequel is also about to go into production.

Thor is a key member of the Marvel Universe, at least these days. An insider leaked "Marvel comics living legend Stan Lee was quizzed and consulted on the the future of Thor, and he advised the one who swings the hammer must be a key part of the Marvel Universe future. Lee got his wish."

Thor will also appear in The Avengers, with Hemsworth in store for yet another pay day. Hollywood comeback kid Robert Downey Jr will get another go as as Iron Man, Mark Ruffalo as The Incredible Hulk, and Chris Evans as Captain America. Scarlett Johansson is strongly tipped to be appearing as spy Natasha Romanoff.

Back to Thor, Natalie Portman plays Hemsworth's superhero babe. Living legend Anthony Hopkins from 'Hannibal Lecter' world stars as Thor's dad Odin.

The film is directed by Kenneth Branagh and is getting the push in Australia by Paramount Pictures, rather than Sony, which looked after other Marvel Entertainment flicks such as Spider-Man. Spider-Man 4 is rumored to have got bumped to make way for the Thor release, with Captain America tipped to hit Australia within 6 months, possibly sooner.

"We'd talk about the business and Anthony always said, 'Make sure you're having fun, take it seriously and do the work' - but it is fun," Hemsworth stated.

Working with Portman, who recently won an Oscar for playing a troubled ballerina in Black Swan, was also enlightening.

"Natalie was fantastic, another one who I've been a huge fan of for years, and she's just as wonderful as you'd imagine, and really funny," he says. "I didn't realise she had such a great sense of humour."

To help prepare for playing Thor, the fit bronzed Aussie gained some extra beef, hitting the gym and gained about 10kg of muscle to finally tip the scales at 100kg. Movie special effects of course took care of the rest, so we think.

"I saw a nutritionist who said to think of myself as a caveman, and protein is what I must consume and lots of vegetables and fruit and a very little amount of carbs," he told the wires.

Hemsworth states there were no special effects to add to his look, but we are not totally convinced, but only he knows for sure.

"I can safely say that's all me. Short of going in and digitally copying every frame, colouring it in or something, I don't even know what they could do - they didn't have to change anything."

Hemsworth is warm and likable, especially by showbiz standards and says his three years on Home and Away was the best training an actor could have.

"Home and Away was one of the biggest learning curves for me because you're thrown into the deep end of it all," he says.

A couple of years ago Hemsworth quit Australian TV, headed off to the U.S, and got some cracker roles in films such as Star Trek, The Cabin In The Woods and Red Dawn.

My team and I found the actors and management very helpful and friendly, and from the footage we've seen of the film so far it looks fantastic, and we think its going to be in the 4 stars range, if you just make the allowance that it's a superhero movie.

A special thank you to the good folks at Paramount Pictures for your excellent assistance in helping coordinate things for us tonight, and also Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston for autographing the Thor picture that my son Joseph brought along this evening. Joseph and some of his mates were overheard to say they would see the film five times as a token of appreciation.

Thor premiered in Sydney tonight and opens on Thursday. As our un-met friend Stan Lee in the U.S says, Excelsior!


April 16, 2011

Arthur premier in Sydney, Australia: Russell Brand mania goes wild, by Eva Rinaldi - 15th April 2011

Russell Brand

Bondi Junction's Westfield - Event Cinema to be precise, was swamped by thousands of fans and dozens of photographers, paparazzi and security guards from 7pm earlier today.

Brand, now frequently billed as the 'world's funniest man', was in fine form and was extremely generous with fans and the press, frequently stopping to chat on his slow walk down the red carpet.

I hear Mr Brand is off the drugs and booze - at least the hard stuff, but he's taking a liking to caffeine. He told press "I need caffeine. (I keep up) through artificial stimulants that are legally available through hot drinks. I am, one day at a time, still off the booze. I don't have alcohol in my life."

The funnyman is married to Katy Perry, but also on Thursday at the Sydney press conference admitted his love for co star Helen Mirren, and his choice of words indicated they were romantically linked.

Arthur, a remake of the 1981 classic starring Dudley Moore, sees the comedy genius star in the title role - a lovable but pretty hopeless billionaire set to lose all of his inheritance if he doesn't enter into an arranged but loveless marriage.

I loved Russell, as did my camera lens and special needs creative arts students. I would also like to make a big public thank you to Nathan and the team at Paramount Pictures who made tonight possible for my group and I. The act of generosity, warmth and understanding was an outstanding thing to come out of the otherwise often cut throat showbiz industry.

In a touching moment Brand accepted a hand made sketch by a teenage artist and publicly congratulated her on her gift, made jokes about how it might be worth a lot more if something happened, but went on to say to the young lady to stick with the art and that she had a lot to offer the world.

Paramount and Team Brand showed tremendous leadership tonight which many think will be returned to them ten fold. The right mix of fun, ability and the personal touch has been put into the production and promotion, and despite some mixed reviews coming out of the U.S, both Brand and Arthur already have hit written all over them for Australian audiences, and no  I'm not being too rich with the accolades. If an actors heart could ever be measured financially, Brand's is that of Billionaire ranking.

Arthur will open to general audiences in Australia on April 21.



Roadshow Films Facebook

Russel Brand official website

Event Cinemas

Eva Rinadi Photography

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