April 18, 2011

Grace Jones, Marcia Hines and Elvis Costello at Sydney Airport today; Citizen paps paradise, by Eva Rinaldi - 18th April 2011

     Marcia Hines and Eva Rinaldi

Elvis Costello and Eva Rinaldi


It was all happening at Sydney Domestic Airport for citizen paparazzi, autograph hunters and the few photographers that bothered to turn up on luke warm rumours.

Such is the day in the life of a photographer not content to be office bound or restricted by in-house rules via a Fairfax Media or News Limited.

Approaching high noon I got a call from a leading Australian entertainment website publisher... let's call him 'Mr Paparazzi', and no, he's not the one who hassled 'Our Nicole' or the one known for harassing other photographers at movie and music events in Sydney. He's a bright young man with a heart of gold, and whose information and word can be trusted.

As a team we all decided to load up the gear and hit the airport.

First cab off the rank was jazz legend Elvis Constello, who looked great in his brown leather jacket and dark sunglasses. He kept it brief but pleasant, and you could feel his warmness.

Next up was Marcia Hines from Australian Idol fame who went for what I think could be described as dressed down smart casual, but we recognised her none the less, even if many of her fellow passengers didn't. I loved her denim jacket, white and blue casual top and long pants. She also carried a cute blue and white polka dot bag, and the mind might boggles as to what may have been concealed in there, but I dared not ask. She's one smart, sexy and talented lady. Marcia kindly stopped for some autographs and happy snaps, and she was absolutely delightful.

And, lucky third was Grace Jones. Marcia minutes ago had confirmed Grace would be arriving, and even joked with us "Be careful not to miss out on Grace Jones".  She was wearing a light blue jumper, blue pants, red and white cap and dark sunglasses. Ms Jones was the most popular celeb with most of the fans, but a couple went overboard and there was a minor incident with a lady screaming with a baby "no photographers with my baby". A few insiders were wondering what the baby was doing in that sort of environment given that big name celebs were at the airport. When things settled down a bit Ms Jones reached for her cigarettes, and given the "excitement" from some of the fans, she possibly had never enjoyed a ciggi so much in her life.

I'm really looking forward to covering these fantastic musical and cultural icons in a more traditional capacity (such as their official concerts) and organised media events.

A public thank you to all three artists and also Sydney Airport for putting up with us, plus my trusty media support team.

Today showed that with decent work ethic, a sense of self belief and teamwork, some outstanding results can be achieved in showbiz, and in this case, photography.

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