July 19, 2011

Maxim Australia launch party at Museum Of Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi - 19th July 2011

The magazine franchise is an established player in the UK, but a completely new entrant down under in Australia.

Rupert Murdoch's The Australian newspaper has reported that the magazine, due out tomorrow, has been leaked online, but one may speculate if it was a deliberate leak, to help generate headlines and buzz.

The virginal Australian issue features former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins in her underpants. Sorry guys, no boobies of hers.

Moving along to a more serious matter, mag publisher Michael Downs told The Oz in relation to the web leak..."dismayed, but in the modern era, what can you do? People are saying: you should sue! But look at companies like Paramount, with very many more resources than we’ll ever have, and they can’t even stop it?"

Australian radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands has a feature in the magazine and was seen partying hard and fast at the museum. Some party goers suggested that he had enjoyed more than just a couple of drinks, such was the twinkle in his eye.

Kings Cross nightlife entrepreneur, John Ibrahim was also quite the life of the party also, with drinks flowing at a healthy pace, and it looked like he may have got a head start early into the evening.

The models were very pretty and worked the cameras, all in an effort to raise their stakes and profiles in the highly competitive modelling industry.

Maxim Australia is aiming to fill the void by the sinking of Alpha and Ralph.

Enjoy the first legal edition of Maxim Australia coming out tomorrow.  Yeah, we figured you would buy it for the articles too - not.

Kyle Sandilands & Melissa Kelly

Kyle Sandilands & John Ibrahim