July 21, 2011

Danny Green confident of boxing victory against Antonio Tarver tonight, by Eva Rinaldi - 20th July 2011

A reved up and confident Danny Green aka "The Green Machine" is poised to take the fight to Antonio Tarver in their world title boxing match tonight, with Green's team stating the celebrated American boxer can't handle their man's raw power.

Three-division champ Green, 38, (record: 31-3, 27 KOs) is the favourite to successfully defend his IBO cruiserweight title against 4-time light heavyweight world champion Tarver, 42, (record: 28-6, 19 KOs) in their bout at the famous Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Green advised a victory this evening would be just as big for him as his victory over another American megastar, Roy Jones Jr, who Tarver has also kicked booty on.

"This fight is the most important of my career. Internationally, there is a lot of people taking notice of this fight," Green said.

The dominant light heavyweight of the last decade, Tarver thinks he can unify the cruiserweight division. But the bookies - SP's and the wagering folks don't agree. The word is that Traver's height advantage won't help him enough.
Tarver's camp have suggested Green has used illegal substances in his gloves!
Tarver's 84-year-old trainer Jimmy Williams has referred to Green's style as primitive and one-dimensional, and is looking for the champ to take the fight to him.

"We are ready for him to come out there and try and take us out in the first round. We are prepared for that, but we are going to burst his bubble," Williams said.

Tarver is thinking Green will be hyped up as he believes that will only work in his favour.

 "I want him fired up. I want him coming in there dog mad, because he can't fight me being mad," Tarver said. "He's going to have to be cool and calm under fire. His aggressiveness is going to get him knocked out, trust me."

Green's trainer Angelo Hyder said its important to keep his fighter calm. "I think the thing is to try and keep him relaxed because he really wants to knock Tarver's head off," he said.
Tarver said: "It's sexy, man. I like it," Tarver said of preparing to fight on foreign soil.

"The pressure is on him. He's got to perform in front of all his fans in his home country. All I got to do is get in there and do what I do and that's win.
"I'm bringing the speed. I'm bringing the power. I'm bringing the focus and the determination. I'm ready."

"Basically, all those punches are not going to be landing and I'm going to be counter-punching and I'm going to be setting up my combinations," Tarver said.

"And when I start catching Danny, the end is near because I don't think he's ever felt the type of short, crisp power that I have."
Tarver is a star in the last instalment of the Rocky movie franchise, but we're not so sure that will save him.