February 25, 2011

Elle Macpherson addicted to Bryan Ferry love drug, by Eva Rinaldi - 25th February 2011

Bryan Ferry

Roxy Music front man and iconic art rock god, Bryan Ferry, had a date with destiny today... old friend and rumoured flame, from the Virgin Music connection - Elle Macpherson aka 'The Body', who was pitching for Richard Branson's Virgin Blue only yesterday.

Ferry arrived fashionably late at Myer, Sydney, to a crowd of hundreds of fans, buying up CD's, books (and photo opportunities). His new release is entitled 'Olympia', and critics are already giving it high marks.

It wasn't long before Elle arrived on the scene and latched onto the Roxy one for dear life ala 'Octopussy' style, if you will. Ferry and Elle are friends with good history, and this evening it showed. Both also share strong friendships with Virgin king of the world, Richard Branson.

I was most impressed with Ferry's warmness towards the audience, the press, and notably myself. Love you're smile Bryan. I also witnessed towards the conclusion of the event that he forgot to sign Elle's poster, but it wasn't long before she chased him down and gave the sharp dressed one her wish. His showing of gentlemanly behavior, saving 'Our Elle', was off the charts. I got the feeling that both stars' fondness towards each other was significantly enhanced, as they both overcome a modest obstacle together. It sure ended on a happy note, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear of the two spending more time together over the next few days, as Elle does "down under", also slipping in a well earned family visit.

Oh, I would like to thank well known and ulti-talented publicist, Angela Ceberano and concert supremo, Andrew McManus, as well as the security at Myer for doing a great job, and also you - the fans for turning up, adding a real buzz to the presser. Photog fans, I'm also pleased to report that my new Canon EF 24-70mm lens from Digital Camera Warehouse also worked a charm. 

I can't wait to get my love drug dose tomorrow night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and word is there are still some 2 for the price of one tickets available as we go to press, so be quick. This concert promises to exceed expectations. Ferry and the band are here for your pleasure, and to make a dollar of course, so if you have a chance to enjoy them in the flesh, do so, even if it may not be quite as intimate experience as 'Our Elle' may enjoy. From Avalon to Australia's country, Roxy's talent knows no bounds.

Photography by Eva Rinaldi

Elle Macpherson and Bryan Ferry