May 5, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia: Day 5

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia today officially enjoyed day 5 - its final day in Sydney, Australia.



Australian based fashion label nANA JUDY was established in 2006 starting a new era in men’s fashion. Due to a unique vision & style the label was immediately stocked in leading boutiques nationwide in its first season. nANA jUDY is now also positioned in selected international stores and premiere department store David Jones.

nANA jUDY designs seasonal ready to wear collections, each range including classic styling emphasising fit, quality & design. What sets this label apart is its focus on trend forward pieces with detailed design elements. nANA jUDY prides itself with presenting these on trend collections across style categories including jackets, shirting, printed & conceptual pieces together with denim . Over the seasons each collection evolves taking on a new story inspired by pop culture, vintage reminiscence, art and the underground scene.

nANA jUDY’s continued runway presence at Australian Fashion Week and reputation for exclusive parties, has lead to a strong cult following of the label. This media presence alongside editorials in street & gloss magazines around the world make nANA jUDY a key brand in the men’s fashion market. (Credit: MBFWA)

New Generation 2 - Susan Rep

Susan Rep, Melbourne’s designer, is proud to announce the launch of her line. The collection is designed around women’s lifestyle that perfectly translates easily from day to night – from lounging around home to the beach to a night out.

Sourcing exquisite, quality and breathable fabrics from around the globe, Susan’s desire is to create pieces of elegance with simple silhouettes that compliment women’s shape and form.

Australian designed and manufactured with signature touches and embellishments that make the pieces exclusive to Susan Rep designs.

Susan Rep has worked in the fashion industry for over a decade. After completing her studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Susan began her career as a grade/marker maker/designer. During her time in the industry, she has worked with brands such as Mossimo, Osh Kosh, Scanlan & Theodore, Peter Alexander and Anthea Crawford.

The desire for nice pajamas was the start of her inspiration. Never quite finding what she wanted, with her experience in the demanding fashion industry, Rep set out to create something truly unique and original.

Susan Rep is a Lifestyle label of being ever modern, classic and beautiful with quality. (Credit: MBFWA)

Style Hong Kong...


Born and raised in Hong Kong, DoDo Leung started her career as a fashion designer for ladies’ high fashion and evening wear, with specialization in unique cutting & embroidery over 15 years. In 2009 Mondovi® debuted as DoDo Leung’s designer label for high-end lingerie couture collection for today’s modern women. Leung’s design principle behind Mondovi is to show the ravishing feminine physique with luxurious lingerie features as finest gown.

The first collection of Mondovi®, “Secret Garden,” was showcased at the 2009 World Boutique Hong Kong, Australia’s “Fashion Exposed & Preview” in Sydney and Taiwan’s Taipei IN Style. The second and third collection “Fairies Whisper” and “M Wild” are now being introduced in Hong Kong and Taiwan, with online purchasing as a new option so to better promote the brand globally and to offer women around the world the Mondovi way of elegant inner beauty, and rediscovering sexy feeling in deeply. (Credit: MBFWA)


Hei Lau is living and working out of her home country, Hong Kong. She was born in 1982 in Hong Kong, the small and bustling metropolitan city in Asia where she was raised and studied fashion.

After graduating and obtaining her degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2004, she started designing her own ladies wear collection under the label TRÈSHEI, owned and run by the prestigious Hong Kong retail group ‘TWIST’.

Five years after her career in TRÈSHEI, she left the group and introduced her own label HEI LAU in June of 2009, to further pursue her design philosophy and dream. Since then, she showcases her S/S and F/W collections in Paris, France every year, introducing HEI LAU to the international buyers. (Credit: MBFWA)


Gifted with immense emotion and imagination, Chailie Ho dedicates herself to portraying the beauty of love and feminine tenderness in her designs.

Having graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in womenswear, Chailie further sharpened her potential by achieving a postgraduate certificate in innovative pattern cutting in 2007. Followed by working with Hussein Chalayan, Clements Ribeiro, and a number of acclaimed designers, she debuted her first collection at age 27 with the belief that clothing can accentuate a woman's delicate beauty.


Harrison Wong was born in Hong Kong, and at the age of 20, joined Hong Kong fashion doyen Walter Ma as a designer, spending a total 6 years at the label, during which he burst into the public eye by winning the Hong Kong Young Designer’s Contest during Hong Kong Fashion Week in 1996. That year, he also won a special award for Asian Fashion at the Grand Prix Contest, held by the Association of Total Fashion in Japan.

He then studied in London, where he obtained his Masters degree with distinction from the London College of Fashion. Upon graduating, he launched his first label, a high-end boutique line dubbed the final collection. He was later tapped by a Hong Kong based retail fashion chain as their design director, a position which Wong left last year to focus on developing his own Harrison Wong enterprise, as well as a consultant for Chinese fashion chains. (Credit: MBFWA)


Akira Isogawa's art puts heads in the clouds...

Akira Isogawa has returned to Fashion Week Australia's lineup with a show-stopper.

Launching his simple yet beautiful show at fashion week's Sydney headquarters today was a lone, svelte model in a stunning ivory gown.

Dripping onto the white runway, the gown captivated onlookers with beading that ran from the thighs, across the torso and over wide shoulder straps.

Another model, led by Isogawa to a twin runway, showcased the Kyoto-born designer's contemporary take on traditional Japanese prints in a silk kimono.

Photographers crowded around as one platform was dedicated to bright, bold ensembles in scarlet, royal blue, aquamarine, fuchsia, yellow and florals.

Loose kimonos and dresses featuring birds and flowers were adorned with beaded brooches, and paired with matching platform heels and headpieces.

In contrast, the ivory gowns on the neighbouring platform were enough to make any bride-to-be swoon.

As delicate as origami, the knee- and floor-length gowns featured embroidered flowers, some of which were traced in gold thread or with subtle silver beading in the centres.

Others were covered in fabric blossoms, while ruffles crawled across decolletages and faces were clouded by artistic headwear.

Isogawa said he had wanted to created heavenly pieces with paradise in mind.

The collection expressed his vision of purity, with soft, silky, comfortable designs.

The theatrical mood was made complete by a soundtrack of twittering birds and silk petals scattered across the black-carpeted floor. (AAP)


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