April 13, 2012

One Direction performs at Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park, Sydney, Australia

Today One Direction mania broke loose at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion.

It may have been Friday 13th, but 3,000 Australian fans got lucky to be part of the huge crowd that made up the enthusiastic audience.

The British boy band has teenage Aussie lasses screaming for more, with the occasional tear been shed for those who miss out on their deepest desires.

Hours before Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis took the stage at the Hordern Pavilion, they were screaming in anticipation of seeing the Fab Five sing their hearts out.

The matinee show sold out two Sydney concerts in under three minutes kicked off at 3.45pm with an entirely appropriate teen anthem Na Na Na.

The performance was a slick mix of song, video, dance and audience participation.

The lads are well practiced at at working the crowd, with smiles all around, finger pointing and all that. In time its expected that many of the boys will further develop their vocal, dancing and even song writing prowless.

One Direction merchandise was selling fast, as you would expect, with young ladies parting with $40 for T-shirts, $20 bucks for a program.

Some not so lucky fans who couldn't get a ticket, despite strong rumours of on site scalpers, came to snatch up some merchandise at any price.

The place went nutso times 5 times 3000 when the boys played hits What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing. The teen fans hung on every word.

One Direction this afternoon jetted off to Melbourne to prepare for their Logies performances.

We wish the fab five well on their developing careers and hopefully female fans will only be shedding tears of joy, as the boys continue to send the lasses hormones in overdrive, as the media and marketing machine continues to give Australia an overdoes of One Direction.

Meanwhile Australian media and marketing experts wonder if or when the boys will be back to Australia for seconds, or if they will soon focus on offshore endeavours, having milked down under for all she was worth. Go for it boys.


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