November 17, 2011

The Pointer Sisters Do The Enmore Theatre, by Eva Rinaldi - 16th November 2011


Photography By Jezmark Photography

It's great to see wonderful bands reunite, and that's just what the Pointer Sisters have done, and Australian fans are licking it up.

It's fair to say that many fans saw them as dance floor queens of 1980s.  Many fans are still head over heals for them.

Promotional blurb reads 'The Pointer Sisters are best known as the "Divine Divas of Pop Music", have constantly been at the top of the record charts for three decades, and today they are considered the trendsetters for a whole new generation. Sassy and brassy The Pointer Sisters are pure dynamite.'

The sisters spoke to the press as part of their Australian tour preparation.  Anita Pointer said "We've been working. We've been on the road all over the world. And writing songs. We haven't done a Pointer Sisters album in quite a few years. And it's really because of the industry, the way the business is going right now."

She elaborates in a jovial fashion "They just don't have any interest in any artist that's over 25."

The girls know they are past their prime, but they remain positive and still have what it takes to put on a great show.

"I'm proud to say we still pull it off, definitely. People are always coming back after the show, being amazed and saying 'God I can't believe that you guys have so much energy and that you still sounded just as good as you did back then - even better than the records'."

Anita and sister Ruth are the core of the group. They came up with over a dozen top-20 singles over the years including Slow Hand, I'm So Excited and Jump (For My Love). Not that many groups can say that.

Founding member of The Pointer Sisters, June, passed away in 2006, and this gave an opportunity for Ruth's granddaughter, Sadako Johnson, to show her stuff.

Ruth Pointer said "We do a lot of private showcases and festivals. We'll do a show or maybe two and then come home. This coming tour of Australia and New Zealand is something extraordinary which we haven't done in a while. I've been in the gym training and getting my stamina up."

Anita isn't so high about today's R&B sounds, saying real talent is out there but so many songs are missing melody and have "all the auto-tune that everybody's using now, where you can't tell one singer from the other … To me it's not good enough. I don't care for all that."

Pointer sticks to the old-school, melodic ways.

Fans will be happy to hear that the sisters still have plenty of life left in them and are going to keep performing for a good while yet. Probed on that matter of how much longer they will keep going: "As long as I have good health and can remember the words to the songs."

There's always autocue. "We haven't gotten to that yet!"

There isn't a new album on the horizon but The Pointer Sisters say they are open to suggestions to working with anyone who might want to bring something interesting to the group.

I say, sisters, keep doing it, as long as you love it, and also because so many still love you.


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