August 5, 2011

Hilton Hotel Sydney loves Extreme Cabaret; 2nd week running, by Eva Rinaldi - 5th August 2011

Sydney's in-crowd was once again delighted and titillated by Extreme Cabaret at the Hilton Hotel's Zeta Bar earlier tonight.

It's the second Friday night in a row that the famous Hotel has gone with the Extreme Cabaret theme, and tonight I was ecstatic to be asked to create a cabaret human statue for my wonderful new client.

The award winning Zeta Bar was going off once again and guys and girls lapped up the eye candy and took in the atmosphere.

Human Statue Victoria and dancer Missy helped keep the party going, helped along by the 8 foot tall (on stilts) ringmaster / MC.

The Hilton's Zeta Bar will be presenting their Extreme Cabaret each Friday till the end of September.

Some patrons were overheard saying that the human statue creation bore some resemblance to 'Underbelly Razor' costume themes.

The Zeta Bar is a favorite of many Sydney based celebs, but exactly who was there tonight was kept under wraps, and no one is saying names of who is to be there next Friday either, but rest assured the Extreme Cabaret "dolls" will be back.  Will you be there with bells (or feathers) on?

A big thank you and well done to the team at Hilton Hotel and Karina Vincent's Bar Solutions.

We're so looking forward to doing it all over again next Friday.


Hilton Hotel Sydney

Human Statue Bodyart

Eva Rinaldi Photography