August 31, 2011

G-Shock Moment In Time Party At Lo-Fi Darlinghurst, by Eva Rinaldi - 31st August 2011

Darlinghurst's Lo-Fi Collective was pumping hard tonight as Casio (the watch brand) largely financed the liquor fuelled festivities.

Celebrities were a plenty, and as can be expected Big Boi...real name Antwan AndrĂ© Patton    (American Hip Hop Artist from Outkast) turned up late.

There were plenty of Casio watches on display. We're not sure if Casio knows about Patton's colourful biography and powerful news media portfolio.

Patton's mates DJ Mafia, DJ Cam Mahoney and a few of Bondi's Bondi Rescue boys and Maroubra's Bra Boy's also joined in the party festivities, whipping on and off the media wall where the pap's got their shots.

We think Lo-Fi collective is looking to become a well known cool place to hang out and party in Sydney, and if that's the case, they achieved it tonight, al-be-it, by having quite a few controversial characters on hand.

Male model type Didier Cohen also worked the media, as did countless others hoping to get their mug's in the celebrity section of the weekend newspapers.

Didier Cohen

 Nikki Phillips

Nacho Pop





Big Boi

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