March 28, 2011

The future of soccer shines at Abbotsford despite rain, by Eva Rinaldi - 27th March 2011

It was soccer mums heaven (or hell) depending upon what side of the score your kid's team was sitting on.

     Today was the return of the pro active soccer season at Abbotford Park in Sydney's inner west.

First up it was the young ladies with the Abbotsford Girls (division 2) VS the Canterbury Girls (division 1). The game was a thrashing with Canterbury beating Abbotsford 17 - Nil. Yes, you read correctly - sorry local readers. Sometimes at junior soccer level the teams are not evenly matched, and to say that's what happened here is an understatement. Somehow Abbotsford Girls players, mums and dads could still crack a smile.

Then it was the boys which I was really excited about.  My son Joseph is one of the star players and today he also got to break in his new soccer boots.

The day at first looked liked the rain had cleared up.  I had my camera on me and I sensed it was going to be a memorable day. Next thing the rain stared to team down, and then almost simultaneously the game kicked off.

It was the Abbotsford Wolves VS Abbotsford the later being two years more senior.

For the majority of the first half the visitors were besting the Wolves, but what us soccer parents had noticed in the our home boys was that they were not willing to sit down and drown. No, they were swimming, not drowning, even if most of the game was in the Wolves half. Then disaster struck. Abbotsford scored and then again 10 minutes later, another, and it was 2 - Nil.

I don't know what coach Keith Walker told my son's team at half time, but it can't have been too bad.

Both teams ran back onto the paddock like champions and some top notch soccer began to play out. It reminded me of some of the better games of the FIFA World Cup finals. Just saying. The skill demonstrated by both teams far exceeded the age in years.

Fifteen minutes into the second half at Ricky Morsello from the Wolves scored, some great lead up work from Harry Pown, Thomas Louie and Joseph Rinaldi.

Another 10 minutes elapsed, with both teams getting about the same about of time in each others half, and then Thomas went for a long shot 40 meter kick aimed at the oppositions goal. It missed by only a meter, but may have attracted the biggest applause and shout outs by soccer moms and dads.

Five minutes later and Morsello scored again. What we didn't all realise at the time is that this evened the game to 2 - All.  A remarkable effort by the Wolves who were dwarfed in size, age and experience.

When the final whilst blew you could have sworn The Wolves has won, and mums and dads elated, but both teams enjoyed a solid applause, as well they might, having demonstrated great skill, especially considering it was the start of the season, and all looking like drenched rats.

Today the game of soccer was the winner, and was anyone who turned up to witness this neighbourhood friendly war. Thank you to everyone who was part of today's soccer fever at Abbotsford. It will always be a special day to remember for my family and I, and I hope we get to enjoy more soccer games of this calibre. Everyone who was part of it - give yourselves an applause - we were all winners.

Abbotsford Soccer (Wolves)