March 31, 2011

Cyndi Lauper does Sydney's State Theatre, by Eva Rinaldi - 31st March 2011

I'd so been looking forward to tonight for a week, having seen Cyndi perform at Concord in Sydney's inner west just last Friday at the Network Nine 'Today' taping.

There's something about this girl that makes me feel I can't get enough of her.

The sold out crowd was into Lauper and her leathers and energy big time. Talk about girls just having fun.  We were on cloud nine. One Lauper-mad fan was asking everyone at the front of the State Theatre if they has any tickets for sale. I hope she got her wish.

I was fortunate to get to really close to the stage. The music production sounded great to me and Cyndi frequently smiled for me and my camera, which made the evening all the more special for me.

She looked so good for her youthful 57, and still jumps around the stage like a cat. Her vibrant energy radiated the stage and the audience loved her back.

The singer performed one of my favs early into the evening - 'She Bop', and also went with a few new hot numbers from the new album 'Memphis Blues'. I prefer her hits from the 80s and 90s, but everything evolves. This girl sure ain't stale.

Yes, we had heaps of fun, and I so look forward to seeing Cyndi again when she comes back again to Australia. Long live the queen of fun.


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