January 25, 2011

Love is real...

Well, as some of you know I’m a part time taxi driver for my dad, he is blind and I am his eyes...Today I was cursing at the traffic lights because I was hungry and mumbling to myself and wanted so badly to drop him home.

Crossing the street was an elderly couple. A short woman with a red jacket holding the hand of an older gentleman. He was frail walking with a cane he had a round face, and wore a navy suit. My bitterness vanished and I was amazed at their patience.

They slowly walked, and appreciated each step. I doubt they were thinking about the destination. I bet they were just enjoying a walk on a sunny afternoon. I took a deep breath and smiled as they passed by my car I had a smile on my face thinking about how sweet it was that they were holding hands.

I did not know their story. I did not know how they met and what challenges they faced in their lives. However, I could tell they were happy.

Then a man waved at me with a smile on his face, he looked towards the woman and let go of her hand walking to my car. He knocked on my passenger window. I opened it, “May I help you?” He smiled, winked, and pointed at the woman behind him and said the three most beautiful words I have heard “love is real”. It was the most beautiful moment I have ever heard. Even if this man did not say anything or glance a smile and a wave to me I would have been a little happier but for a short moment until my Father yelled at me “che cazzo stai parlando?” “nobody dad” I said… Those three "love is real" words really echoed throughout the entire day and this was just a stranger.

I will probably never see him again or his wife,I hope we can all appreciated what strangers teach us. I think moments like these are miracles that are overlooked and how we are lucky to see these special things in the world and yes my father is still a pain in the butt :)