January 26, 2011

Joel O' Keeffe goes Airbourne at Big Day Out, by Eva Rinaldi

Joel O'Keeffe Airbourne have a reputation for putting on theatrical live shows. Their passion for rock n' roll shines through the camera as they shout with energy and enthusiasm, chugging beers (even smashing and throwing cans on their heads on occasion) and jumping from the stage to play in the crowd.

At festivals, front-man Joel O'Keeffe has also been known to climb the rigging, and at this year's Big Day Out he went a little further than normal, causing the crowd to go wild.

Check out the pictures I took of the entire escapade Joel, you're crazy!!

There’s something about the kind of potent rock and roll fury that Airbourne Rocks out, all music firing, that makes you want to drink a cocktail straight down your throat.

I dont even drink, I admit. But that’s the thing about these Aussie pub rock rebels. Their music, like new album No Guts. No Glory., are perfect soundtracks for drunken debauchery, and “that’s what we’re here for, mate,” says rowdy lead guitarist and vocalist Joel O’Keeffe.

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Big Day Out

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