February 5, 2013

THE SWEENEY Sydney movie premiere at St.George OpenAir Cinema

THE SWEENEY Sydney movie premiere at St.George OpenAir Cinema...

THE SWEENEY enjoyed its Sydney, Australia, premiere at St.George OpenAir Cinema tonight.

A cocktail reception was hosted by Peroni and Hoyts Distribution/Studio Canal at the beautiful Mrs Macquaries Point location - adjacent to the Royal Botanic Gardens.


St.George OpenAir Cinema brings you the Sydney premiere of the stylish, exhilarating action thriller THE SWEENEY, directed by Nick Love and starring Ray Winstone (The Departed, Indiana Jones), and Ben Drew (Harry Brown, Adulthood).

Inspired by the 70s television police drama of the same name, THE SWEENEY is the story of a hard-nosed and controversial branch of the Metropolitan Police, the Flying Squad, who specialise in tackling armed robbery and violent crime in London.


The film begins with Flying Squad officers Jack Regan (Ray Winstone) and his loyal partner George Carter (Ben Drew) arriving at the scene of a warehouse robbery, where four armed men are attempting to steal a stash of gold bars. Regan and Carter manage to capture all four suspects, but Regan illegally takes some of the gold bars from the stash, to give to his informant Harry (Alan Ford). Internal investigations arrive to carry out an investigation into Regan's activities, but officer Ivan Lewis (Steven Mackintosh) has more than a procedural beef with Regan - he has discovered that Regan has been having sex with his wife, fellow flying squad officer Nancy (Hayley Atwell). Meanwhile, Regan receives a tip-off about a planned robbery on a bank, but has to pull surveillance on the operation when an armed robbery at a small time jewellery store leaves £200,000 of jewellery in the hands of a dangerous criminal, and one otherwise impartial civilian dead. Regan suspects old foe Francis Allen (Paul Anderson) is responsible, but without evidence, has no way of nailing him. When it is discovered that Allen is in tow with a dangerous Serbian criminal, Regan goes all out to catch those responsible and bring them to justice - against the word of his boss Frank Haskins (Damian Lewis), and at the price of the death of one of his most beloved.


Ray Winstone as Detective Inspector Jack Regan Ben Drew as Detective Constable George Carter Damian Lewis as Detective Chief Inspector Frank Haskins Hayley Atwell as Detective Constable Nancy Lewis Allen Leech as Detective Constable Simon Ellis Steven Mackintosh as Detective Chief Inspector Ivan Lewis Steven Waddington as Detective Constable Miller Caroline Chikezie as Detective Constable Clarke Kara Tointon as Megan Paul Anderson as Francis Allen Alan Ford as Harry.


St George OpenAir

Eva Rinaldi Photography