February 10, 2013

Mick Foley and Brendon Burns: Good God Almighty!; Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia

Mick Foley and Brendon Burns: Good God Almighty!; Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia...

Ex WWE World Heavyweight Champion wrestler / pro wrestling living legend, Mick Foley, and world class comedian Brendon Burns, are down under in Australia performing stand up comedy together, and tonight they bodyslammed and kicked 'Sin City' Sydney in the nuts (in a good way).

Foley, who you probably know as Mankind, Cactus Jack or Dude Love from the squarded circle, is a New York Times bestselling author and has been doing stand-up comedy for over a year now, having performed with Burns at the Montreal Just for Laughs festival in 2012. 

Burns, a passionate (and smart ass) wrestling fan met Foley on his UK tour and has joined him onstage for Good God Almighty!

Wrestling laughs, stories from the road and much more. You don't have to be a hard core wrestling fan to enjoy the show, but it will sure help. 

We were bodyslammed and suplexed into laughter, with a bit of "Oh God" in the mix, after seen Mick get thrown off a steel cage. Then Mick tells the audience that his opponent "The Undertaker" asks him "Did it hurt"? (a bit of a pet peeve from Foley).

The Diamond Dallas Page story is a classic.  DDP was running around in the hotel room with little more than a towel on, and Mick and his wrestling buddies decide to make it hell on earth for Page, by taunting him about his age and later making his bed unsleepable.

Mick and Brendon are genuinely funny and have a wonderful chemistry (and friendship) together.  Maybe even "The Rock" would be a little jealous of the this tag-team. Oh, "The Rock" Rocky Maivia aka Dwayne Johnson (even cops a spray or two, as does Al Snow.

Get ready to be bodyslammed into laughter. WrestleMania might not be coming to Australia but this WrestleMania calibre headliner along with his funny as mate are here, so check em out, and as Mick says 'Have a nice day'!

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the event such a success, and we all look forward to seeing Mick Foley inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden, New York, where Foley will also share the stage with other legends such as 'The Living Legend' Bruno Sammartino. Can't wait to hear the next round of Foley Foley Foley chants. Foley is (very) good.


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