August 19, 2012

Ricki-Lee performs at Westfield, Parramatta

Popular singer Ricki-Lee Coulter performed at Westfield Parramatta this afternoon to an appreciative audience.

Coulter sung a number of her songs off her new album 'Fear and Freedom'.

The 26-year-old says she feels stronger and more confident than ever with the upcoming release of her third album Fear & Freedom.

"This is my best work because it has just come purely and completely from me," she says over breakfast at a cafe near her Sydney home.

"This is the most genuine and the most honest and the most free that I've ever felt writing and recording in the studio. I wasn't forced to work with anyone I didn't want to work with."

Fans enjoyed the opportunity to purchase copies of the CD at the event and have them signed by Rick-Lee.

Following this appearance in Parramatta, the singer will tour for her Fear and Freedom live tour in Melbourme, Sydney and Brisbane.


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