June 29, 2012

Karise Eden performs live at Westfield Sydney, Australia

Today performing artist Karise Eden performed for hundreds of Australian fans outside Westfield Sydney.

Ms Eden is almost the opposite of an "overnight success story".

When mates suggested she audition for 'The Voice', her initial thought was she wasn't keen on the idea.

She soon realised, with a little push from those who care about her, she had really nothing to lose, because the worst thing that could happen is that she would get kicked off the show.

Karise Eden now laughs at the thought of it, because never during the entire show did she think she had a chance of winning.

"I didn't ever [think I had a chance of winning], until my name was called out," Eden said.
The 19-year-old is still caught in the whirlwind of her win. She says she has not really had a chance to think about it because it has been "non-stop" since then.

Her debut album was released on Tuesday and the next day marked the start of a 10-day Australian tour from NSW to Western Australia and back, during which she will meet and perform for the fans who changed her life.

Today in Sydney's CBD's was just the latest stop as she travels Australia.

"I got through on public votes and to meet and hug and hand shake all the people that helped me get through each round, that is what's important, to see them face to face," Eden said.

Eden is expected to remain in the Australian top 10 for many more weeks.


DEBUT SINGLE – YOU WON’T LET ME - out now digitally + physically

DEBUT ALBUM - MY JOURNEY – out now digitally + physically


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