February 12, 2012

Mardi Gras Fair Day At Victoria Park; Sydney, Australia

For many Sydney-siders Fair Day was a great way to kick off the official Mardi Gras season, with a fun and relaxed day at Sydney's Victoria Park.

Estimates indicate that about 70,000 people came to enjoy Fair Day.

The 2012 Fair Day featured a range of activities.

The main music stage offered up Maxine Kauter, Brendan Maclean, Mary Kiani, Gen Chadwick,  Shimtastic, Kristy Apps, Candy Royalle, Sloppy Joe, Miss Gaynor Tension and Blackcat Lounge - Queer Cabaret.

There was also the traditional Mr and Mrs Fair Day comp which was hosted by Charisma Belle, with judges Anthony Defina (Chelsea Bun), Glenn Hansen and Fiona Gamble.

Other entertainment on the day included Pot of Love, an interactive stall by artist Amanda King, Rainbow Reuse and performances from Mardi Gras Youth Festival participants.

Pet's of the four legged kind even showed up to join in the fun. Dogs and their owners competed in Owner/Dog Look-A-Like, Best ‘Pick Up’ Dog, Best Dressed Dog and The Famous Doggywood Obstacle Course.

The Gaydar Lounge, incorporating Gaydar Radio was popular with those wanting to chill, as was The Finlandia Lounge.

Victoria Park Camperdown is the place to be to take in the Mardi Gras Fair Day up till 8pm tonight.



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