February 14, 2012

Il Divo Orchestra in Concert At Sydney Opera House

Il Divo (divine male performer in Italian) performed at the world famous Sydney Opera House tonight - Valentine's Day in Australia.

They are a multinational operatic pop vocal group created by music manager, executive, and reality TV star Simon Cowell. They are currently signed to Sony Music Entertainment.

The group was originated in the UK, however most people believe they were formed in Italy.

Il Divo is a group of four male singers: French pop singer Sébastien Izambard, Spanish baritone Carlos Marín, American tenor David Miller, and Swiss tenor Urs Bühler. To date, they have sold more than 26 million albums worldwide.

Sebastien told the press: "We're so excited to be kicking off our 2012 tour in Australia. Valentines Day, performing at the Sydney Opera House is going to be such a memorable start to a world tour... it really feels like coming home. It’s a country full of my favourite things: Tim Tams, Whale Beach, shopping on Chapel Street and one of the best zoos in the world. We can't wait to have the time whilst on tour to enjoy it all!"

Izambard, who married Melbourne publicist Renee back in 2008, also said he couldn't wait to spend time at the beach and have barbecues with his Australian relatives.

"It always feels like coming home for me," he said.

They have more than 25 million album sales globally, 150 gold and platinum discs and have more than 2 million concert tickets sold.

The idea behind Il Divo's creation came to Cowell after hearing Andrea Bocelli singing Con te partirò while watching The Sopranos.

They combine amazing voices, class and great looks.

The group is expected to continue to draw strong audience numbers while touring Australia.


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