December 16, 2011

Summernats Festival Revs Up Canberra

The much loved parade was given the miss from the festival in the 90s after a number of unfortunate incidents, but its back with a bang and is now known as Citycruise.

Event co-owner Andy Lopez told press it will showcase the best Summernats has to offer, and will be family friendly, which makes the crew in my family a lot more keen.

"People are going to get see something really terrific...two hundred cars in convoy, beautifully managed, well presented, a complete range of all the types of vehicles that Summernats has to offer and I think pretty much the community is excited about it."

The cars will strut their stuff along Northbourne Avenue between Exhibition Park and London Circuit.

This form of sport is also a winner for Canberra's tourism with money pouring into from all over the country.

Summernats will be running from January 5th to 8th at Exhibition Park. The Citycruise will be at midday on the 5th.

Get your set of wheels and join in the action, and please drive safely.



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