December 19, 2011

Myer Spring Summer Fashion Launch

Jennifer HawkinsKris SmithMyer Spring Summer LaunchMyer Spring Summer LaunchMyer Spring Summer LaunchMyer Spring Summer Launch
Ita ButtroseMyer Spring Fashion Launch 2011Ita ButtroseMyer Spring Fashion Launch 2011Kris SmithKris Smith
Kris SmithMyer Spring Summer Launch 2011Sass & BideMyer Spring Summer Launch 2011Jennifer HawkinsJennifer Hawkins
Jennifer HawkinsJennifer HawkinsJennifer HawkinsMyer Spring Summer Launch 2011Jennifer HawkinsMyer Spring Summer Launch 2011

Via Flickr:
Sydney's Carriageworks caught fashion fever tonight as the Myer Spring Summer 2011/12 Collection launched.

Vintage maxi dresses, bikini, floppy hats and funky music was all the rage.

Myer ambassadors Jennifer Hawkins (former Miss Universe... just in case you forgot) and male model Kris Smith were the catwalk headliners. The new brands welcomed in were Sass & Bide, Fleur Wood and Jayson Brunsdon Black Label.

Hawkins opened the show for the 500 guests, in an eye-catching sass & bide ensemble, complete with a long, gold sequinned jacket.

'Our Jen' spruiked Cozi, which was fairly well received. Controversial Wayne Cooper did his thing, as did Leona Edmiston. Cooper featured lots of pink dresses, tops and trousers; a beige silk suit and a nude - white jumpsuit. Edmiston played it relatively safe with black dresses, complimented with fingerless gloves and head scarves.

Judy Coomber, Myer group general manager of fashion and accessories, went with a foursome of themes in the impressive collection.

The first is about bold colours including tangerine, emerald, gold, red, purple and fuchsia.

Myer's range also includes Riviera-inspired ensembles. Vintage remains popular, with softish florals, maxi dresses and big hats.

So ladies, believe me, there will be plenty of opportunities to splash your fashion dollar on this season in just about any fashion that takes your fancy.