December 4, 2011

Eminem Rocks And Raps Sydney Australia

Eminem performed at he Sydney Football Stadium last night for the second show of his 2011 Australian tour. He's just off snatching rave reviews of his show in Melbourne on Friday.

Performing medleys of all his hit songs, opening up on his demons in the past, and giving it his all, the crowd was into it in a big way.

As a lead in to his hit 'I’m Not Afraid' Eminem' told the audience: This next song man, I want to dedicate to any body who has ever been in a dark place or through some kind of struggle. Also to my fans in here tonight man…I just want to say thank you because I couldn’t have got through my dark place and my struggle without you.

"Can I take you back to when I got fucked up" Eminem asked the audience before swinging into My Name Is.

Eminem is even bigger these days, off the drugs and performing with a big live band.

Eminem is booked into play one more show in Sydney on Sunday December 4th.



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