November 10, 2011

Who's Sexiest People Party; Great Hall At University of Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi

Tonight it was Who magazines 'Sexiest People Party'.

As you may have heard via the sexy Sydney grapevine, Ricki-Lee Coulter made an appearance on Who magazine's sought-after Sexiest People issue, which is out next flirty Friday.

Ms Sexy was also tonight's guest performer (in public) at Who's Sexiest People Party in the Great Hall at the University of Sydney. We've been told it was her birthday, which is a pretty sexy occasion in our lives if you think about it. She looks good for 26th don't you think.

"Losing weight has given me an extra boost," Coulter told Who magazine. "But I think back to when I met my boyfriend (Richard Harrison) and I was the heaviest I've ever been.

"It didn't bother me...I still flicked my hair around and did my thing. Losing weight has certainly boosted my confidence but I think I have always been self-assured."

Woman's Day, an ACP Magazine title, has parted with a considerable amount of money for a number of exclusive stories and photos with her.

Did you catch her "tits and ass" shoot with Maxim magazine? It's pretty hot and not much is left to the imagination.

On being her sexy self, RCL says: "I'm not opposed to being naked, so my ultimate sexy night in would be sans clothes, some candles and maybe some massage oil ... things can get sexy pretty quickly!

"I would highly recommend staying away from the stove and trying to cook dinner when you are naked, though — order takeaway instead!" she told Who.

Speaking of other sexy bodies, you should have seen Lara Bingle tonight. Some media chat centred around her little belly and if she may have been pregnant or not.

For the record names present included Lara Bingle, Ricci-Lee Coulter, Brynne & Geoffrey Edelsten, Esither Anderson, Charlotte Dawson, Samara Weaving, Montana Cox and Rebecca Breeds.

The latest arrivals were 'The Veronicas' (Jessica and Lisa Origliasso), who have only just started get back into the public and media eye after a few years or laying pretty low.

Well done to David Grant and the team at dg3 Event Management who helped put on a golden night of entertainment, glam and sexiness.

Guess who is getting sexy tonight, and we're taken, but in sexy Sydney you shouldn't have too much trouble in getting naked with a like minded individual or three.

We can't wait till next year to do it all over again.


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