November 2, 2011

Kim Kardashian Sydney Airport Fans Welcome Crowd And Media Frenzy - 2nd November 2011

American reality television celebrity Kim Kardashian was the cause of a mass of humanity, described by many as complete "chaos", after touching down at Sydney International Airport this morning.

Police wrestled and struggled, throwing and palming off fans and rabid media off Ms Kadrashian as she did a determined power walk to her awaiting Range Rover.

Arriving with some of her besties and travelling business companions including sis Khloe and her L.A. Lakers basketball star huby Lamar Odom...newly-single Kim power walked through the rear entrance of the airport with her head tilted down, masking her face with sunnies.

Over a hundred fans and dozens of news media were wrestling for the best position to catch a look at the television star.

Fans may have been star struck, while news media was chasing the story and potential dollars that goes along with it we suspect.

Police got frustrated as media ambushed, swarming and just acted like the media pack you often read about. Some fans behaviour wasn't much better.

The AFP (Australian Federal Police) had to use force against some out of control photographers in the scrum, who thought they were above the law. It's understood some photography and other technical equipment was damaged in the airport wrestling match.

The Kardashian family remained silent in the madcap happening at the airport, tilting heads down and staying silent on "scam" marriage cat calls and reporter probing.

Khloé hit Twitter announcing her arrival on Australian soil.

"Wow what a welcoming!!!!", the younger Kardashian tweeted.

"This is my hubby's first time to Australia! I'm so excited for him to be here with us and see how amazing it is!"

The 31-year-old famous for being famous star was ambushed by the press over her controversial 72-day marriage to basketballer Kris Humphries, which was largely labelled a money-making scam by many, both fans, media and the public at large.

The stars are in Australia to flog their wares, as you might expect. It's their new handbag range during a VIP party at Hugo's bar in Sydney's Kings Cross tomorrow night, and no, neither Kardy made the bags, but may have had a bit of influence on the design we hear ala Shane Warne and his 'Hot Wheels Spin King' design consultation.

They will also be signing purchased bags bearing their famous surname for lucky fans with quite a few dollars to spend at David Jones Sydney city store tomorrow.

She is then tipped to fly down south to Melbourne on Friday to catch some horse racing, maybe slipping in some horsing around at the Swisse marquee on Saturday, if the weather holds good.

Victoria Racing Club has received a sudden influx of media accreditation requests.

It is understood reps for Team Kardashian telephoned Birdcage organisers at 3am yesterday to confirm the star would attend, despite the global blowtorch on her breakup.

"As far as they were concerned, coming to Australia was the best thing for her because she gets to escape the chaos of the Hollywood pap pack," a Flemington source said. An Australian media agency said "She's escaped the Hollywood paps, but say G'day to the Aussiewood paps" (many of which are currently in Melbourne).

Some of the U.S paparazzi have stalked her here to Australia, with media outlets such as TMZ thinking its worth the price of a flight to see what she's up to, without her 20-carat wedding ring, which wasn't seen on her person in Los Angeles.

The divorce has reportedly been hard on her ex husband, who says he was "devastated" by her court filing.

"I'm committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents," Humphries said.

"Companies will continue to throw money at Kim"

Should Kardashian use the best strategy on her newly single status, she may be able make millions by selling her divorce story, photos of her as a newly single woman, and driving up her appearance fees for the first parties she attends solo.

"Kim made so much money off her wedding and 72-day marriage to Kris that it will be hard to make more than that off the divorce, but Kim is smart and she will definitely try," In Touch Weekly senior editor Dorothy Cascerceri told FOX News. "She could easily sell her first post-divorce interview for a half a million dollars or more."

Kardashian made $US100,000 for selling photos of herself and Humphries vacationing in Mexico, $US15 million from E! for her two-part wedding special and another $3 million from her wedding photos, Cascerceri said - though Kardashian's mother has denied that figure.

"The misconception that's so annoying in the media and the press is that the wedding was a sham, and she did it for the money," Kris Jenner said in a radio interview.

"Kim didn't make any money off of this wedding," she said. "It's like, 'oh you made $18 million'...she didn't make five cents off of the wedding."

Cascerceri claims Kardashian "can make a profit from anything, whether she's single, engaged, married, dating a girl or a guy. The more publicity she gets, the higher in demand she is for appearances and those sort of things."

The divorce, she said, "is making her the most talked-about and name dropped name in Hollywood, so companies will continue to throw money at her."

Kardashian will attempt to make more financial gains at David Jones (Sydney) tomorrow, so if you're in the market for yet another handbag, you now know where you can get one. You will have to turn up to see how much they are asking for your hard earned cash.

Kardashian - putting the business in show business, be it Hollywood or Australia.


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