November 8, 2011

Cold Chisel to play All Phones Arena Sydney on 9th - 10th November

I'm pleased to report that Cold Chisel is currently touring Australia and will be doing Sydney's All Phones Arena on the 9th and 10th of this month.

It’s been eight years since Cold Chisel last did a national tour, and even then it was only a short visit before they disbanded. Since their last studio album, 1998’s The Last Wave Of Summer, Cold Chisel have leaped onto the national stage intermittently and usually not for long.

So, there's a new studio album, due out in 2012 and the you have the 'Light The Nitro' tour, their first national beat since the death of drummer Steve Prestwich last January.

You Am I are doing the tour with the boys and they've been doing an awesome job.

Cold Chisel have being opening many shows with 'Standing On The Outside.'

Jimmy Barnes is sounding fantastic as is guitarist/vocalist Ian Moss.

Fans will be wrapt to hear that Choir Girl and Cheap Wine are both done justice.

Cold Chisel have a lot of history, but they band is looking forward, not back.

The word is that these boys still have it and are one of Australia's better bands to see live. It's a very safe bet that old fans and new will have a blast at the upcoming Cold Chisel concerts to hit Australia.


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