October 27, 2011

US Reality TV Star And Fashion Expert Jeannie Mai in Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi - 27th October 2011

'How Do I Look' was the topic of conversation at King's Cross Barrio Chino tonight.

US reality television star Jeannie Mai and host of the 'How Do I Look' show was the main attraction.

The red carpet came out as Jeannie and a few familiar Sydney faces did their walks and poses.

Then there was the cocktail party which as everyone knows is where lots of gossip gets repeated and people gather around, just making sure they didn't miss out on any goss.

The new show will premiere on Australian pay TV on Thursday 3rd November on the 'Style' channel.

Come November it's tipped new water cooler conversations by females across Australia will do doubt cover 'How Do I Look'?


Jeannie Mai official website
iheartjeanniemai.com <http://iheartjeanniemai.com/

How Do I Look? website

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