October 7, 2011

Extreme Cabaret Zeta Bar Hilton Sydney Style, by Eva Rinaldi - 30th September 2011

Sydney's Zeta Bar patrons have spoken and requested that the famous Hilton Hotel continued on their delightfully wicked extreme cabaret Friday nights in 'Sin City'.

Throw away prohibition darlings. It's just about anything and everything carny (carnival) that's still legal. Call it vice like if you will, but its lots of fun and Hilton is a very happy place these days come every flirty Friday.
Human Statue Bodyart continues to dish up hot cabaret with an unmistakable 'Moulin Rouge' flavour. Tonight pink and purple were in vogue, both with the model and patrons.
One patron was overheard "Pink and purple people and man eater" (but perhaps that was just their Friday night fantasy (which is legal boys and girls).
Cabaret lovers that got wind of rumours re 'Extreme Cabaret' theme continuing at Hilton Sydney longer were on the money, and now we learn that Hilton Hotel Gold Coast is set to be hit by 'Extreme Cabaret' fever next week. It ought to shake up things at Surfers Paradise and up the ante for both the local and tourist entertainment dollar, with Jupiter's Hotel and Casino, and Palazzo Versace tipped to do something to attempt to combat the excitement at Hilton. Heck, they may like to try out the cabaret themes too for all we know. We've heard that Hilton New Zealand, United States and Amsterdam, are keen as a hot pink stripper to incorporate extreme cabaret into their big entertainment nights.
Human Statue Bodyart may have access to hundreds of performers and models, but the patrons spoke and requested that Anastasiya Bakss return, and Hilton delivered. Tonight she was made up in a 50's style cabaret - burlesque like pink and purple feathered number, with headpiece feathers fit for a queen (or pink peacock). Ms Bakss epitomised tease, burlesque, titillation, sexiness and all sorts of other good things.
The extreme cabaret have been great for the Zeta Bar and we know it's been terrific for business. Downstairs at the Marble Bar, just off celebrating its 118th birthday, also has appeared to have benefited by extra patrons, most of which enjoy a good drink (and tease).
Zeta Bar's Grant Collins says of the naught nights "a late-1800s circus freak show crossed with 1920s-'30s sophistication".
The filthy fun and flirty Friday nights at Sydney Hilton continue to be a watercooler fodder conversation piece in offices (and God knows where else) in and around Sydney's CBD for months.
Snatch the opportunity to do 'Sin City' Sydney like it should be done. Grab you're spanking partner and head over to Sydney Hilton Zeta Bar next Friday, and see what all the fun (and tease) is about. Friendly oddballs, light vice and 'extreme cabaret' in abundance. We're sure you'll having a spanking good time.
*photography by Eva Rinaldi Photography
*artistic creations by Human Statue Bodyart

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