September 9, 2011

Hilton Hotel Zeta Bar ‘extreme cabaret’ students excel, 9th September 2011

Hilton Sydney’s Zeta Bar continued to bring guests back to the extreme cabaret, now a famous fixture of Friday nights in 'Sin City'.

It was on for young and old tonight as celebrated Australian - Italian creative artist Eva Rinaldi and her team delivered an extremely impressive cabaret presentation.

Tonight's artistic creation was more complex to create than usual so Ms Rinaldi took the opportunity to offer school students Kayleb Cantali and her son, Joseph Rinaldi, some valuable work experience.

Ms Rinaldi said "We absolutely love working with our friends at the Hilton Hotel and the Zeta Bar. Tonight was very special for us because I was able to also include my son Joseph and my nephew Cayleb in our creative arts team. It's work experience time for them and what a fun activity for their high school curriculum. Work experience was never quite this fun in my day. I did the most complicated parts of the painting and design, but I am very proud of the students contribution. The performance and end result was just amazing and oozed extreme cabaret."

Cabaret connoisseurs will be over the moon to hear that the the rumours are getting stronger that the 'Extreme Cabaret' theme will continue at Hilton much longer than the originally forecast 12 weeks. A spy also whispered that Hilton Hotels in New Zealand and even as far as the United Statues are keen to incorporate extreme cabaret into their big entertainment nights.

Tonight it was Human Statue model Anastasiya Bakss made up in a bodypainting based black and red number featuring all manner of risque words like "sexy", "tease", "burlesque" and you get the idea. She read like a book (of the teasing variety). Insiders were overheard comparing it to a famous photo of model Bar Refaeli, who graced the cover of Esquire Magazine a few years back.

The extreme cabaret performances have really added new life into the Hilton's Zeta bar, and we understand it's been great for business as well as far the larger Sydney social scene.

The unlikely joining of extreme cabaret, live music, education and photography really hit the "X" spot tonight and nightlife lovers can't wait for next flirty Friday night to do it all over again at the Zeta.

Special thanks as always to Grant, Manual, Dave and Karina at the Hilton for keeping things running so great for us. Oh, we heard some some guests got tempted to do an overnighter at the Hilton and add themselves to the Hilton Hotel Honours Club. Trust me, its highly recommended.

Up to be tantalised in an acceptable, cool and risque fashion? Snatch the opportunity to do 'Sin City' Sydney like it should be done. It's quite an education, and they do say that there should be fun in learning. Join us in the classroom next week guys and dolls.

*photography by Eva Rinaldi Photography

*artistic creations by Human Statue Bodyart


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