August 13, 2011

Sydney's Hilton Hotel brings back Extreme Cabaret By Popular Demand, by Eva Rinaldi - 13th August 2011

Sydney's in-crowd was once again back at The Hilton's Zeta Bar last night for more teasing and titillation by Extreme Cabaret.

Friday's at Zeta have never been hotter than at current thanks to the cabaret and carnival themes.

You're be delighted to hear that the cabaret human statues were back, as were the dancers. Last night saw the debut of little person 'Mini Lady Gaga' who added extra Moulin Rouge energy to the arts collaboration.

The award winning Zeta Bar was going crazy, in a good way, and guys and girls lapped it up.  The bar sure did a healthy trade, and we understand a number of last minute accommodation bookings were taken in by the Hilton Hotel, which is always a good sign of a fun and hot night out in Sexy Sin City.

The 8 foot tall (on stilts) ringmaster / MC was back, which acted as quite the conversation piece and ice breaker facilitator for conversations between lads and lassies in attendance.

If you didn't already hear The Hilton's Zeta Bar will be presenting their Extreme Cabaret each Friday till the end of September, already many club goers in Sydney are being influenced into dressing up in Extreme Cabaret garb.

It's all just in time for 'Underbelly Razor' which returns to Channel Nine on Sunday August 21. Ladies, don't be afraid to dress up as vice queens Kate Leigh or Tilly Devine.

The Zeta Bar remains a  favourite of many Sydney based celebs, but no one is disclosing the names of who is showing up each and every Friday. You just have to turn up and play "name that celeb". The Extreme Cabaret "dolls" will be back, and they are looking forward to tantalising and titillating you, so don't disappoint them will you darlings.

PS: wondering what to wear? Feathers, black with red and blue and white are in, as are shades of conservative bondage fashion, but don't forget - it's Hilton, not Kings Cross, so if in doubt play it a little safe, and leave it to the performers to show off their skin.


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