August 28, 2011

Soccer Final: Abbotsford Wolves VS Strathfield by Eva Rinaldi - 28th August 2011


It was always going to be an ultra competitive game - the grand final of the season, as the Abbotsford Wolves took on Strathfield.

Both teams, their parents and other supporters were reved up for this one.

The whistle blew at 10.15am and The Wolves started with a howl, with Strathfield quickly establishing themselves as a dangerous rival.

The odds were further stacked against the popular Abbotsford Wolves when it became apparent they had just 1 reserve against 4 back-ups on the Strathfield team. The reserves later showed to be a pivotal element in the finals encounter, as Strathfield later went on to maim Wolves with 3 serious injuries in the course of the match.

There were no goals in the first half with Wolves failing to capitalise on many close calls.

Strathfield scored late into the second half taking them to a 1 - Nil lead, where the score stayed for the remained of the match.

Just 15 minutes into the second half disaster struck again for the Wolves, as celebrated player Joseph Rinaldi suffered a leg injury that is understood to be a fracture, thanks to studs beneath the left knee. The referee believes it was an accident and no penalty was issued.

The bottom line - the better team won and it was a most enjoyable game from a spectators perspective. Both sides shook hands at the conclusion of the match and were quick to grab drinks and celebrate with their supporters in attendance.
Let's hear it for both teams and for another enjoyable Sunday afternoon of soccer.

Final score: 1 - Nil

Injury list: Joseph Rinaldi, Harry Bown and Ricky Morsello (all Abbotsford Wolves)


Abbotsford Wolves (Juniors)

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