June 15, 2011

I’m Not Dead Yet Australian Premiere, by Eva Rinaldi - 14th June 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet is a Screen Australia presentation of an iKandy Films production. Produced by Janine Hosking, Stephen Hopes. Directed, written, edited by Janine Hosking.

With: Chad Morgan, Joanie Morgan, Tex Perkins, Trevor Day, Dave Dawson, Greedy Smith, Reg Mombassa, John Williamson, Harry Tompsett, Tayzin Fahey-Leigh, Alexandra Rice, Amy Nixon.

I'm Not Dead Yet premiered tonight at George Street, Sydney Event Cinemas, with Perkins arriving in a limo, followed minutes later by Morgan, in a bigger limo and bright pink suit, with dozens of media snapping away and firing off questions left, right and centre.

Chad Morgan has lost count of the number of times he's been reported dead (hence the title), but the politically-incorrect country singer with the donkey grin is very much alive. 'The Sheik of Scrubby Creek' is still on the road almost 60 years after kicking off his career on Australia's Amateur Hour. Chad's life is the stuff of legends - his rapid rise to the top, womanising, heavy drinking - and his story, narrated by Tex Perkins, is told with just the right mix of rollicking style and genuine respect.

It's certainly an affectionate portrait of Australian muso Chad Morgan, long overdue documentary "I'm Not Dead Yet" suits a niche audience, but his fan base will sing along with him all night and day. He sings his basic like ballads on tour and the vet country singer carries himself with charm that has allowed him to be one of the biggest survivors in the biz. We've learned that that the Australian Broadcasting Commission will also screen the doco on their TV channel later this year.

It's quite the biographical portrait and road movie. The singer/guitarist rose to fame when he wowed a radio talent show with his comedic genius back in 1952. Today he shares the travels with his "roadie" wife, Joanie, and his trusty, traveling from town to town - pub to club.

Indie rocker Tex Perkins is willingly dragged into the doco as an inquisitive counterpoint to Morgan, and does a fine job as narrator.

Young performing artist Harry Tompsett does a fine job portraying Morgan as a youngster, and the false teeth visual jokes are classic.

Be on the lookout for the exploring the "mystery" of an attractive woman who inspired his signature song "The Sheik of Shabby Creek."

If you love good yarn, music docos or a bit of a Australian cultural history buff, you're going to love this.


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