June 6, 2011

Australian fans get in a spin over Lady Gaga; Monster stunt at Sydney Airport

Seems most of Australia, if not most the western world, has caught Gaga mania as of late. Our modest entertainment and arts clique has certainly caught the fever and earlier today we were whipped into a frenzy as a monster load of excitement came over us.

Ok, you have no doubt heard about Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Bash that is set to hit Sydney Town Hall (Monster Town Hall for one night) on the 13th July, which will be an invitation only affair - competition hybrid, thanks to 2Day FM (Austero), Take 40 and friends.

The unique opportunity got us thinking and inspired me to put down my camera for a while and return to my roots as a bodyartist - bodypainter. The goal... to see our team secure passes to the exclusive Australian Monster Ball event.

We rallied some of the loyal team together at the 11th hour - Martin Vadam), Remziye Livsey and Greg Tingle (the monster, of course).
The storyline went like this...

A male Gaga held hostage trying to escape a monster, while our 'Lady Gaga' tries to save the day via a rescue attempt, complete with helicopter (thanks to James at Bondi Helicopters aka Heli Experiences).

The stunt was something to behold with sexy and brave Gaga doing her best to audition to be a 4th member of Charlies Angles, in a scene reminiscent of late night TV flick Air Wolf. It was quite an intimate affair, with only the helicopter pilot and his boss looking on for safety's sake, and not even a pouch, Gaga stalker or pap (arazzi) in sight, but our in-house photographer David Youdell did a dandy job.

Let it be known that this was a low budget (but high on passion) arts and photography creative work. No $100,000 budget here my friends.
The on stage up shot finale of today was that our 'Lady Gaga' did in fact save the day, but not before an impromptu visit from the Australian Federal Police who justifiably did a little probe into our art imitating life effort.

Will our modest production today pay off? Well, for our team it already has...participation is paramount, but of course if we get invited to the Gaga Town Hall gig that would certainly be the icing on the cake.

Our mums and dads will be proud of ''Lady Gaga Rescue', and if not proud, certainly shocked. If making an impact matters, we succeeded.  Hey, you can't blame us for trying - we were Born This Way. See you at the ball fellow monsters.


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