February 15, 2011

Michael Bublé: Sydney, Australia Loves You Like Crazy, by Eva Rinaldi - 14th February 2011

Photography by Eva Rinaldi

I'd been waiting for this night for what must be almost a decade.  Finally, my night...our Crazy Love night.

Michael teased me this past Thursday at the presser conducted at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. I could tell then that his concerts in Australia were going to be very special, and tonight - the evening of Valentines Day, I can confirm that they are.

Even though Sydney's Acer Arena holds over 20,000, Michael's gift helps make the audience feel they are getting treated to an intimate experience. Well, he certainly set the scene and warmed me up beautifully for my intimate experience later into the night. On that vein however, I can tell you that his 'Crazy Love' CD does help set the mood.

By my estimation, the jazz sensation is certainly worth $149 plus. Like the greats, you have to experience a live concert to truly appreciate the musical genius.

The multi-talented performer is now close to two million album sales in Australia, with 25 million achieved on a global scale. Yes, us Aussies are raving fans. This tour was Michael's eighth trip to Australia, so the love affair is most definitely a two way street.

My personal favorite number is 'Haven't Met You Yet' which is already five times platinum in Australia.

His songs inspire love, warmth and affection, which was perfect timing for me, having rekindled my relationship with my special man.

Some of Michael's interpretations of other artists that really did it for me on this Valentines evening were Sway, Kissing A Fool, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?, and Heartache Tonight.

The warmth and love vibrated via Michael was experienced by young and old, and I witnessed a young fan who must have only been about 10 years old present Michael with a gift early into the concert performances, and he magically incorporated this into the show, making all of us feel that we received the present too.

He shared his thoughts on love with "My songs have always been about love. Mine and everyone else's. But this time it was a little more extreme, and I dug deeper - way deeper."

I had read earlier in the week that Michael said "I just love getting in front of people. It's so important to be in touch with your audience. They've paid their money, I want them to be entertained. If they want to cry or laugh or dance or sing or yell, they can do whatever they want. My responsibility is just to take them away." Oh yes, you took me away.

Michael, from my heart thank you for helping add some 'Crazy Love' intimacy to my partners and own evening and life. I would also like to publicly thank Buble's publicity team, Dainty Consolidated Entertainment and Live Guide, for helping make me one of the blessed and fortunate few photographers in Sydney to capture your gift close up. My love now has more focus, and its thanks to you. Let the passion, talent and performer bring out the performance in you, and if your single, that's ok too.