September 9, 2011

Ruby Rabbit Relaunch VIP Party Attracts Hip Crowd 300 +, by Eva Rinaldi - 8th September 2011

The name Ruby Rabbit has been known to the Sydney in-crowd for about 5 years, but now thanks to tonight's successful relaunch, the popular venue is back on everyone's lips, and is quite the talk of the town.

“Sexy and elegant, the newly renovated and re-launched Ruby Rabbit features a blend of bygone and contemporary furnishings across three levels,” shared an in-house Ruby Rabbit insider.

For the uninitiated 'The Rabbit', now easy found due to new pink neon sign, is at 231 Oxford Street, just 50 metres up the road from Taylor Square.

When they said re-launch, they meant it, with a complete refit - bars, walls, ceiling, all the decor...the whole box and dice. Don't get us wrong...the original was great, but there's nothing like a make over to get up with the times.

Renee Schembri is the hostess with the mostest, and early reports indicate she did a stunning job.

Schembri shared “The ground floor eatery combines custom antique, floral rusted wrapping mirrors and cages with a diorama filled bar front. "Ascend the stairs to the level one nightclub and find yourself in a land like a page torn from a Dr. Seuss book.

“Lounge on the lounges or look up to see a topsy-turvy world suspended from the ceiling all while enjoying the roaming dance space.”

Then: “Continue up the stairs, the home of the Ruby Rabbit cocktail floor, a fantastic meld of baroque and hyper modern.”

The Ruby Rabbit promotional blurb reads...

Ruby Rabbit is Oxford streets newest and hottest nightclub destination, a trendsetting party unlike any other. It promises to immerse the expected into the unknown.

The second floor Nightclub at the Rabbit offers a décor that expertly blends the bold theme with the upscale standards guests continue to only imagine. Its composed space encompasses a roaming dance floor, accentuated fixtures, alluring funky décor, and matchless extras designed to complement the clubs personality.

We dare you to step into this new age, ultra chic fantasia and experience the sounds of Sydney’s hottest DJ’s whether you chose to take the dance floor or simply to enjoy a low-key evening with friends. If you’re celebrating a party or other special event, this may just be the place to be.

The great news is that Ruby Rabbit will be open for business this Friday and Saturday nights, and will showcase a 'Wonderland' party this Sunday evening from 7pm, with DJ Kitty Glitter. spinning her discs.

Tonight's guest list included Dan Ewing (Home & Away, Dancing with the stars), Richard Brancatisano (Underbelly Razor), Casey Burgess (Hi-5), Adam Williams (Next Top model), Luda Kroitor (Dancing With The Stars), Lincoln Younes (Home & Away), Charles Cottier (Home & Away), Mike Goldman (Ch 10), Lisa Gormley (Home & Away), Jess Tovey (Underbelly), Conrad Coleby (Sea Patrol), Angus McLaren (Packed to the Rafters) Kristy Hayes (Home & Away) and Ashleigh Francis (Miss World Australia).

So there you go kids. Don't be left out. Check out the new Ruby Rabbit for yourself, and be prepared to be impressed... celeb night or not, 'The Rabbit' is once again super cool, hip, classy...all that and more.

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