January 1, 2012

Sydney Resolution New Year’s Eve Concert Review; Jamiroquai, Culture Club, Pet Shop Boys, Guy Sebastian and more

The promotional blurb read Let The Champers Flow, and flow it did.

Sydney Resolution New Year’s Eve Concert was a thumbs up for fans who could afford to pay up to $300, and news media who attended also generally considered it a success.

The much hyped event, pushed along by News Limited's Foxtel - Main Event, and a ton of promotion, appeared to be roughly 75% sold out, which in this financial climate is not that bad at all.

Sydney Resolution was a licensed event with bars offering plenty of beverage options.

It was pitched as Sydney's, if not Australia's biggest New Year’s Eve Concert and party, and the fans and performers were pumped for it.

The full line up was Jamiroquai, Culture Club, Pet Shop Boys, Guy Sebastian, Pseudo Echo and Lyndsey Ollard.

Glebe Island has never seen so many big name performing artists in one place, and they may not again - unless promoters Andrew McManus and partner, Universal Music Group, decides to do follow up Sydney Resolution shows on the same sight in the future.

Early on - 3pm, the crowd was very light, but as the night rolled on the place filled up to a very acceptable level.

At 4pm it was time for the show to officially begin with Lyndsey Ollard kicking off, soon after making an announcement that "I'm not a man hater" (pointing to some of the themes in her songs). Another memorable part of her act was when one of Ollard's dresses split on the right side at bust level, but trained eyes in the audience suggested that it was in fact a staged wardrobe malfunction. Her music and performance was fine and a good opener for the loaded entertainment line-up. Her One Night Stand number was eclectic and witty, as it was promoted.

Pseudo Echo, innovators of ‘80s electro-pop sound in Australia, did not disappoint. Lead Brian Canham joked that he felt "a bit like a Wiggle" in reference to playing in sunlight, which got a nice crown reaction. He also pointed out "the five young ladies helping with crowd participation". Canham knew the crowd was still building up and you could tell he and the band members appreciated being part of the special evening. As you would expect, the first strong crowd reaction was for 'Listening' (if you don't recall, it goes like this... I say You say 
Weren't you listening, Now it's too late, You're not listening, I say You say, Weren't you listening, Now it's too late, You're not listening. Their biggest pop was for 'Funky Town', which most of the audience got on their feet for.

Next up was Australia's own Guy Sebastian who looked and sounded great. In the line up to the event fellow performing artist Jamiroquai told the press that he didn't know who Guy Sebastian was. This didn't seem to bother Guy who put on a great show.

By the time 7.30pm and darkness came over us it was time for the Pet Shop Boys - Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. They are electronic dance-pop pioneers without question and one of the world’s bestselling artists. Thankfully they performed their classics 'It’s A Sin' and 'Always On My Mind', that got many fans to their feet. Their music videos, dance choreography and overall visual effects were extremely impressive, especially for a shared stage.

At about 9pm the "family friendly" fireworks went off, which teased the crowd for the main event fireworks on the stroke of Midnight.

Jamiroquai, who celebrated his 42nd birthday yesterday, was arguably the main event for most fans, hit the stage at 10pm, and he brought it. The night before he told press one of his new year resolutions was to "get laid more". Whatever the case, the man was high on energy and fed off the frenzied crowd. He sure knows how to engage an audience and his unique sound and cool dance moves explain why he's sold more than 25 million album sales worldwide. Front-man Jay Kay, is obviously the main reason for the mega success of the group, however he also has many very solid performers in support.

Boy George's Culture Club, the final act of the show hit the stage after the New Year's Eve firework, and almost all the crowd got on their feet. George sounded good for a 50 something man who has gone through considerable life issues in recent years. Does 'The Boy' plan to commence a national or world tour? Not so sure, but he still has his legion of fans in Sydney and around the world.

Well done to all the artists, the performers, the roadies, Flourish PR, and everyone else involved in putting together a heck of a concert, in a strained economy no less. The concert delivered, and so did Sydney's world class fireworks. We hope Sydney's in for more 'Resolution' concerts in coming years.


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