December 19, 2011

Sokyo Launch Event at The Darling Hotel, The Star

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Via Flickr:
The Stars' Darling Sokyo Japanese Restaurant: Chef And Celeb Star Quality, by Eva Rinaldi

The Star (formally Star City Casino) said that their revamp was going to be huge on many levels, and they have stayed true to their word.

From the grand opening of The Star and The Darling, bars, gaming upgrades, shops, luxury suites and now world class restaurants.

You can imagine how excited I was when I was invited to get a super close up look at Sokyo restaurant.

The Sokyo chef Chase Kojima is so talented and was very warm and inviting, and little wonder the dinners were having such a good time with their taste buds experiencing world class Japanese cuisine right here in Sydney, Australia.

It's a restaurant experience that you have to appreciate first hand.

I think much of the official Star pitch summarizes beautifully...

Sokyo. Where the buzz of Tokyo meets a Sydney beat. Allow yourself to be lost in the world of Chef Chase Kojima and his impeccable union of traditional craftsmanship with an innovative take on contemporary flavour.

His premier arrival to the Australian dining scene will have you dining on a list of firsts. Be seated to the chilled out sounds of the resident DJ, enjoying dishes such as Binchota Grilled Castricum Lamb Chops, Maple Miso, or Tuna Sashimi with Plum Wine Jelly.

Your server will help to create a personalized "Sokyo Menu" for you and your guests, and of course, the house Sake Sommelier will be on hand for the perfect Sake companion to the entire experience. Not to be missed, Sokyo is one of our star attractions.

With the official description now out there for all, let me tell you a bit more about my experience...

Well, its warm, inviting, stylish, certainly modern (with the right amount of tradition) and even sensual, while being professional and world class. We're so fortunate to be living in Sydney, and now thanks to the wonderful team at The Star, they have made the finest cruise in the world available for those who wish to seek it out without leaving the city. Special thanks to the chef, restaurant manager Justin Wyborn, and the wonderful media team at The Star for organsing my first of what I hope to be many restaurant visits to The Star.

Ok, I hear you. You wish to make a booking. Call 1800 700 700.