February 4, 2011

Big Day Out, Jim Jones Revue

Photography Credit Jim Jones: Eva Rinaldi

JIM JONES REVUE will be burning the house down at BIG DAY OUT 2011.

The JIM JONES REVUE manifesto is simple, and ferocious: "If you're going to get on stage,” says guitarist Rupert Orton, “deliver." And that they do, riffing on Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis for a rock’n’roll sound that could have come direct from the 1950s, if it wasn’t fused with the so dang wild, loud and loose vibes of The Cramps and The Birthday Party.

The Londoners may have only dropped their debut in 2008, but don’t let that fool you – these five punk rock bluesmen have been around. Hot on the heels of their blistering second album, Burning Down Your House, JIM JONES REVUE are set to fire up BIG DAY OUT this summer.