January 25, 2011

My Adventure to Taronga Zoo, by Eva Rinaldi

 We took a Ferry to the Zoo the weather wasn't extremely hot there was a little bit of a fresh breeze, it was my second time on a ferry...

I captured this photograph of the Sydney Opera House and a ship.. Pretty cool huh?

we got off at darling Harbour and stopped off at City Extra for a bite... we bought some tickets return home from the zoo, a lovely couple offered to give us some free entry tickets to the zoo, we told them it was a little late we already bought them before we got on board. (trust our luck lol)

Blue sky yay, :)

I was a little sad after i saw the Giraffes home, i noticed there were no trees or grass, I beleive all animals should at least have trees to sit and rest under.

Okay i waited and waited for these guys to turn around, i think they're really sick of people staring and yelling at them all day long. I was one of those disturbing people today, I'm sorry :(

 I love this photograph by the way.


we waited a while for the elephant to finish eating..

                       Peek a boo..

I love these colours.

They sold the best slurpes that just melt in your mouth.

Eva Rinaldi Photography

                  to be continued...

I'm off to bed too tired to keep writing I will post the rest of my adventure tomorrow, stay tuned...