January 7, 2011

My first day as a semi professional photograph - thanks to sydney Icon Images- by Eva Rinaldi

Today I received a call to photograph an event entitled Snow on Mars presented by the Sydney Festival 2011.

I was just about to tell them I couldn't do it because my camera was in the repair shop and I had no access to a camera, but I didn't want to give up the opportunity so I rang a friend to ask them if I could borrow their camera. Kindly they said yes and so I was on my way to shoot my very first gig for Sydney's Icon Images.

When I arrived I felt a little nervous because I wasn't at all familiar with my friends camera.

The production was about a Twelve year old Waylon, who wants to shoot for the stars. But with the family constantly on the move and him falling further behind in his school work, becoming a NASA astronaut like his hero Andy Thomas, seems as likely as finding snow on Mars.

I think I might take my thirteen-year-old son to watch the show next week. The Sydney Morning Herald recommended it for both children and adults. What an amazing storyline is it, written by the highly respected and ultra talented Richard Tulloch.

Anyway back to my photography, I began snapping away at the cast. I looked back to see what I captured on film. To my dismay, all I could see were black images on the screen. I was so disappointed with myself and I didn't understand what happened. I told the PR lady what happened, she was very understanding and said I could take some more images of the second performance. There was no way on earth I was going to miss this opportunity. I finally took some exclusive shots of the entire cast including Dean Cross doing his spectacular astronaut aerial, I was most grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

Today brought back so many fond memories like the time I was 8 years old. My brothers and sisters were on holiday in Italy with mum and dad. I got hold of my Dad’s Minolta camera. I remember it having a large lens. He didn’t know I had it of course. I went around the Villa at my grandmother’s house that we were staying in and I began taking photos of the toilet. I have no idea why. I probably thought it was funny. My dad wasn’t impressed when he got the film developed and there were about ten to fifteen pictures looking down a toilet.

He still brings it up to this day. Lessons learnt? Wasting camera film and processing costs got me in trouble. Wouldn’t have that problem nowadays with digital.

I just want to thank you Madi Carrette at Icon Images for the wonderful opportunity and memories today, and also Emma Collison for the second opportunity. I had such a wonderful time today and look forward to doing it all again soon.

                 Let’s make the time pause with our pictures!

Eva Rinaldi xox

Icon images: http://www.iconimages.com.au/

Emma Collison Publicity http://www.emmacollison.com/

Sydney Festival 2011 www.sydneyfestival.org.au/2011/family/snow-on-Mars 

You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZYwtMn2kGs