August 4, 2019

Carino Care Russel Lea nursing home neglect

Carino Care Russel Lea nursing home
Date of Meeting:
Time of Meeting:
Luigi’s Family
Janice Stokes

Agenda Items

 Agenda Items:
·         Welcome and introductions 
·         Medical Review/outcome.
o   Unable to sleep - Left my blind father with an abusive patient and said i needed to get a doctor to check on his sleeping patterns when they moved other residents from this room in the past and were aware of this mans erratic behaviour.
o   Psychogeriatrician 
o   Wheezing - left my father sitting in urine all night, this night i called the ambulance to the nursing home my father caught bronchitis.
o   Hospital transfer/ambulance - they lost my fathers discharge papers but continued to give him medication without looking at the discharge letter from hospital and doubled up on his insulin.
·         Single room/RADS - they prefer to make money on sharing rooms then the resident
·         TV/Italian channels/radio/headphones - they never followed up on emails and never turned on the radio for my father in his room.
·         Case conference - the head RN Nurse Rhia was at this meeting and refused to bring my father a blanket when he was cold, she ignored him and stepped on his toes to lift him up.
·         Feedback forms/raise issues with RN and none of the nurses follow up on complaints they actually deny it.
·         After Hours visiting  - the RN Nurse Evangeline locked me out when i was my fathers carer said my father was asleep when i could hear him screaming down the hall.  She then lied to the Manager about me to try to stop me from visiting my father.    
·         Physio assessment/Walking frame. they gave no excersise to my father until i complained to them left him in a chair to eat pee and poo
·         Money left with Luigi - money was stolen from my fathers pocket.
·         Lifestyle/interests/emotional support - they failed my father.
·         Personal care/clothing   /wrapping himself in a sheet / assistance. My father wrapped himself in a sheet because he was freezing cold.
·         Diabetes Management/ BSLs/water bottles - no water, no one attends to my father when he calls them they just close the door at night and refuse to attend to him , my father smacking the table with hands to get assisitants no buzzer was provided till the last month of his life.
·         Night staff /security cameras - night staff are bullies and abusive.
·         Comfort chair   - they threw my fathers chair over the fence and pretended no body new where his recliner was
·             Carino Care do not report falls and left my father in a chair for 2 weeks without excersise.
·         Staff interviews.     The staff are not qualified, lack empathy and kindness. I placed a video camera inside this facility the CEO James Grealy banned me from visiting my father and called the police to try have me arrested.
        My father past away on the 27th of Febuary 2019. 


Next meeting date:    TBA