August 3, 2019

Complaint Letter to Carino Care CEO James Grealy

Dear  James Grealy,
Thank you for your communication
I have read your Email and would like to respond in earnest.
The privacy and dignity and best interests of my father are what my actions were meant to preserve I have been his carer for a number of years and am well versed in his needs. It was his distress and the severe unexplained bruising that has placed us in this situation today. I remind you that you have a duty of care over Luigi .
In the last couple of months I have in your centre witnessed your staff with the following inefficiencies
Staff sleeping on the job
Refusing assistance
Segregation of my father
Major neglect
Refusal of basic water needs
Refusal of entry to carers
Amongst other very personal and shocking matters that I am not prepared to disclose at this stage .I have also on TV seen Carino Care not in a good light of late . I have advised Police of your Email in the refusal of my future entry to see my father .They have advised me I am not in breach of any law in coming to see him .
My father in the twilight of his life needs people to place his interest first and not their own as Carino Care has done on this occasion . I understand that my probing the quality of Carino Care has had a number of staff released from duty. This has alienated the staff/management towards myself. This however does not give you the right to stop me from seeing my father. As he often does he will call me soon and ask for both myself and his wife who I care for . Refusal of my entry to see my father will cause many problems to us all.
Feel free to contact me so we may both move forward in a positive manner
Thanking you in advance for your co operation
Eva Rinaldi