August 3, 2019

Complaint Letter to The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission about St Ezikiel Moreno Nursing Home in Croyden Park

Hello Eva,

Thank you for the further information provided below.  As per your last paragraph, I appreciate that you are trying to give as much information as you remember, in support of your complaint that currently sits in my resolution team.

It is important that the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission processes and the NSW Coroner processes do not interfere with each other.  As previously requested, I would like to discuss with you by phone this week the differences between our scope and processes, and those of the NSW Coroner. 

For the information of the NSW Coroner staff (who you copied into this email), we are conducting a formal complaint resolution process (S19/011868) around three issues relating to the service’s responsibilities under the Aged Care Act and associated legislation.  As per our previous emails, these issues are as follows:

1.          Concern that the service did not monitor Mr Luigi Cantali’s condition and escalate concerns in a timely manner prior to his unexpected death on 27 February 2019.
             Desired outcome: to understand if there were any warning signs that your father was close to death, and if the service should have transferred him to hospital sooner.

2.          Concern that when Ms Eva Rinaldi (you) arrived at the service on the night Mr Cantali died she was told several different versions of the circumstances of his death.
             Desired outcome: to receive the correct details of what happened to your father on the night he died and the actions staff took

3.          Concern that the service did not take appropriate action when Mr Cantali’s BGL was elevated.
             Desired outcome: for the matter to be assessed to determine how your father’s elevated BGL was managed.

As per my email of 12 April, please nominate a day and time when I can call you to confirm expectations and explain the possible outcomes for our process. There is no need to copy my colleague Fouad Aswad into emails regarding the above three issues.

You are of course welcome to provide details of your experiences (separately) to the Royal Commission. I understand the correct email address for Royal Commission submissions is, and further details about how to make a submission to the Royal Commission can be found here:

As above and requested on 12 April, I look forward to talking with you this week about our process regarding the above three issues.  This will allow one of my officers to put your concerns to the provider formally as a first step toward ensuring the service is held to account for any failure in meeting its responsibilities.

Kind Regards,

Bart Penson
Assistant Director NSW/ACT | Complaints Resolution Group
Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission
GPO Box 9819 Sydney NSW 2001