October 21, 2011

Extreme Yellow Cabaret Girl Rocks Hilton Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi - 21st October 2011

Sydney’s Zeta Bar at the Hilton Hotel continued to wow with the extreme cabaret, this time sprouting an 'Extreme Yellow Cabaret'.

This daisy type creation was not one that The Queen would be pursuing in Canberra's flower gardens.

If a little drink and a dash of tease is your thing Extreme Cabaret at The Hilton is for you.

My Human Statue Bodyart was delighted to deliver a bright yellow extreme cabaret presentation, with neon yellow lighting up the joint.

Tonight model Anastasiya Bakss was back to her old tricks, teasing the audience silly, but in disguise as an extreme yellow cabaret girl, not one you would likely see at a wedding.

Someone from the crown was overheard "My real life Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' extreme cabaret dream girl".

You wouldn't have picked it, but tonight's creation was made up in a touch more than an hour. The creation was a massive hit at the Zeta Bar, and word quickly spread around other floors of the Hilton, as it had done on previous Friday nights.

Seize the opportunity to do Sydney in a way a touch unusual. Come again to Sydney Hilton next Friday night and experience 'extreme cabaret'. Join us at The Zeta next Friday for the Halloween Special and see what all the colourful and spooky excitement is about.

*photography by Eva Rinaldi Photography

*artistic creations by Human Statue Bodyart


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