October 14, 2011

Extreme Cabaret Egyptian Harlequin Creature Does Hilton Zeta Bar, by Eva Rinaldi - 14th October 2011

Sydney’s Zeta Bar at the famous Hilton Hotel continued to delight with the extreme cabaret, the unique performance that is all the rage in Sydney, Australia.

If a drink and a splash of tease are your thing you have most come to the right place.

My Human Statue Bodyart was delighted to deliver a hot cabaret presentation, this time with a powerful Egyptian Babylonian mythological cabaret creature theme, finished off with black and white squares.

Tonight model Anastasiya Bakss was back again by demand, made up in an Egyptian Babylonian Extreme Cabaret Creature Feature' - ish mummy burlesque like number, with a black and white bodypaint on some of her extremities, and boy did it awake the crowd's 'Egyptian Yummy Mummy' fantasies.

You wouldn't have picked it, but tonight my 'Egyptian Babylonian Creature Feature' was made up in less than an hour. The creation was a massive hit at the Zeta Bar, and word quickly spread around other floors of the Hilton, until Zeta reached capacity crowd level.

A crowd member was overheard "It's my Extreme Cabaret Egyptian creature dream come true".

The extreme cabaret performances have rocked Hilton's Zeta Bar big time, and for this reason Hilton's around Australia, indeed around the world, are getting ready to add 'Extreme Cabaret' to their weekly line up. Last fortnight Hilton Surfers' Paradise got infiltrated by 'Extreme Cabaret', and they are eagerly awaiting another dose.

Snatch the chance to do Sydney in a unique fashion. Come again to Sydney Hilton next Friday night and check out 'extreme cabaret'. The Egyptian Babylonian Cabaret creature' has done her dash, and and being tucked back in her Mummy's tomb, but we heard a little something about Halloween themed cabaret monsters. Join us and see what all the excitement is about. Sweet dreams.

*photography by Eva Rinaldi Photography

*artistic creations by Human Statue Bodyart


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